Roon Radio with Qobuz not as good as with TIDAL

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

I’m glad that things are working properly for you now. If you see this problem occur again please let us know if you notice any patterns that seem to lead to this. We’ll be happy to take a closer look at what’s happening.

I will not used Radio today but will try and use my original seed and see what happens.

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Hi @dylan got another session that’s playing the same artists

So far it’s played 5 tracks all from the same two artists, different albums though. But still hardly mixing it up. I imagine it will follow this pattern. Seeded from the Dean & Britta Track

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

I disabled TIDAL and tried to seed this Qobuz track on my end and I’m seeing something very different than what you’re seeing:

Did you see any “Limiting Roon Radio to Library” messages appear?
Are you able to reproduce this behavior from a non-mobile device as well?

Are there any patterns to the behavior you’ve noticed? Any set of steps that we can use to try to reproduce this behavior on our end?

No I didn’t see the limiting message pop up. Not sur what you mean by mobile device this Is my core as endpoint feeding my dac. Mobile was just the remote control. But I have had the same behaviour using my pc as remote. If that’s what your asking?

Not sure if I have noticed a pattern other than from time to time Roon does seem to slow down and doesn’t retrieve album info often can wait for a minute and then its fine again. During this period there is no internet loss music is streaming, others watching streaming video , DNS is working fine it’s just Roon. I have reported this on another thread where another user is having same issue. So perhaps this is related. I have been using Cloudflare DNS before you ask me to switch, DNS server choice makes no difference to issues with Roon in my case.

@suppor It appears I am not the only user to notice this when just using Qobuz.

When I had a local library radio used to play lots of the same artist, however I transferred all my albums as favourites on Qobuz and disabled my local storage.
Roon plays a good selection now and I’m not seeing tracks from the same artist.
But at times I do wonder how it went from one artist to another.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Are you still seeing the same behavior following the outage?
If so, can you please reproduce the issue and provide a few timestamps of when it occurs?

I haven’t used radio much this week @noris so not seen anything. I was just noting that I am not the only one to notice this behaviour. Will certainly let you know when i do see it again.

@noris I have another instance of Radio just not kicking in at all at end of an album plays completely stopped but as you can see it was ready to play the next tracks no error messages came up.

can’t give exact timestamp as I was working at the time but with the 11.30-12.20 GMT

Thanks, @CrystalGipsy! Noris is having some internet issues today, but I’ll get things together so our QA team can look at the diagnostics report from that timestamp and we’ll be in touch soon.

@dyan @noris. Radio being rubbish again today seeding same band album it’s only 5 songs in to. 15.53 GMT if you need a timestamp.

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Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Thanks for the exact timestamp, this should help in narrowing down the issue.
A new log set has been delivered from your Core and your case is pending review by QA!

So, just using Qobuz, I started with the same song and got the following

Mercury Rev___Yerself Is Stream___Chasing a Bee
Sonic Youth___Washing machine___untitled
Spiritualized___Sweet Heart/Sweet Light___Too Late
Sonic Youth___A thousand Leaves___Wild Flower Soul
Sonic Youth___A thousand Leaves___Hits of sunshine
Spiritualized___Sweet Heart/Sweet Light___Life is a Problem
Ride ___Smile___Silver
Sonic Youth___Washing machine___Becuz
Flying Saucer Attack___Distance___Novemeber Mist
Butthole Surfers___Locust Abortion Tech___Graveyard

So, in the first 10 plays

4 sonic youth songs from 2 albums
2 Spiritualized songs from 1 album
and then 4 tracks from unique band/albums

Not sure I would ever have butthole surfers in the same playlist as Sonic Youth and Spiritualized or tbh either of those together. It does have a mind of its own on Qobuz and it’s a bit need of medical attention.

Group___ Album ___ Song
Mercury Rev___Yerself Is Stream___Chasing a Bee
Mercury Rev___The Delta Sweetie Revisited___Morning Glor
dinosaur Jr.___bug___Budge
My Bloody Valentine___Isn’t Anything___Soft as snow
Yo La Tengo___Sleepless Nights___Wasn’t Born to Follow
The Boo Radles___Giant Steps___Barney and me
Low___Double Negative___Fly
Spaceman3___Recurring___Why Couldn’t I see
Pulp___This is hardware___the Fear
The Flaming Lips___American Head___Dinosaurs on the Mountain

So the above was same starting song. Tidal active Qobuz not. Aside from the choosing a song from same band as the initiating song (which I think is a pre-existing bug). You have 10 different tracks from unique band/albums.

Thanks for this Rugby. Its not just me thankfully. Something wrong with Qobuz and Radio for sure as all those are available in Qobuz. Maybe radio is based on the provider to, so less users for this type of music. Others have mentioned many times that radio seeds too.many similar artists and albums so maybe these have Qobuz to.

maybe I should give it a go with both enabled and see what happens.

It will vary it a bit more but I always found more of a bias to Tidal for this style of music over all.

suggestion: shuffle songs in your local library…