Roon randomly switches to song in some other album

I was playing soundtrack from Hamilton and after a dozen or so tracks played in correct sequence, suddenly when a track ended Roon switched over to an entirely unrelated album.

Hi @Bob_Isman,

Did you reach the end of your queue and Roon Radio has started? Or were there more tracks still in the queue when this occurred?

Is this the only time this behavior has happened?

There were more tracks in the queue. This may have happened before (can’t really recall) but if so, hasn’t been often.

Hi @Bob_Isman,

Thanks for confirming that. Roon should be finishing the queue before moving on to radio. If this occurs again, please make note of the time that it occurs. Respond here with the timestamp, what you were playing, what it switched to, and your time zone. We can then enable diagnostics on your account so the team can take a closer look at what you’re experiencing.

Thanks, and apologies for the trouble here!

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