Roon re-importing some tracks each session

So it took a long time for Roon to import all my tracks (around 90k) and then days for the audio analysis - which is all fine.

But each time I open Roon it seems to “lose” some of the tracks it has already imported and starts re-importing them again. Sometimes it’s a matter of 100 or so, earlier today it was 5,000, now I’ve just opened it up to find my total count around 70k and in the “Adding Music to Library” status it says there’s 24k tracks to add. Obviously this takes a really long time. I don’t mind the initial time, that’s understandable, but why is it “losing” and re-adding tracks each time? It’s true I sometimes open iTunes inbetween sessions, but I don’t see how that would affect it…

System: Mac mini 2.6ghz i7, 16GB RAM, Roon 1.2 (latest).

Still having similar issues. Just added 100 tracks but Roon re-imported a couple thousand. Also, the audio analysis doesn’t start automatically after re-importing, I have to turn it on and off manually.

I recognize the problem with reloading the library very often. For example when I remove an album of my NAS sometime’s the reload starts again (after I can see all counts had running back. It is not consequent but sometimes. I can’t figure out what the cause is.

Today I removed one track on my NAS while Roon was running and again he started with reloading (starting from about 14000 tracks). I had before that about 20.000 tracks.

Strange now (after my post before) the track counter runs back to 8170 and start again with reloading.