Roon Ready 2-Channel Integrated?

Is there such thing? For speakers setup.

Preferably integrated (DAC, Pre, Amp), but if a Pre with DAC built in is fine as I can use my existing Rotel Amp.

If yes, anything on the $1K range?

Bluesound Powernode 2 might be a good fit. Integrated amp.

With all due respect, the Powernode is not going to cut it for my speakers. I have the Node 2, so familiar with Bluesound (and a Flex), but looking for something more "traditional " and more oomph

Than, Can you be more specific with your requirements? :slight_smile:

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+1 on the need for more specific requirements. IMO, $1000 is quite a tight budget for what you seem to be looking for. If the amp were left out, what functionality would you want in the pre?

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Powernode 2 is 60wpc into 8 ohms. What do you require? If you have a Node, do you still need a Roon Ready player? More money devoted to an pre/ DAC would get you a much more capable unit. Do you need a remote to control your setup?

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I have ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 speakers, which are 4 Ohms rated. Not easy to drive, and to get the most of them.

A remote would be nice.

Using Node 2 now as a pre/DAC for an old Rotel amp from 15 years ago, rated 130 W @ 8 Ohms. But it may be time to upgrade to a more modern Integrated (or maybe not). I can then sell Node 2. Easy to do so.

It is also space saving to replace my huge Rotel amp.

P.S. I am now upping my budget to $2K

How about one of these?

You will need the blu os module to go in it to make it Roon Ready which brings it to your $2000

Also there is cheaper version the 368 for $700 less which should have enough power.

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+1 on Audio Advisor. I’ve bought quite of bit of equipment there. Good service, no hassles.

Thanks! I totally forgot about NAD with their BlueOS modules. Same company. One in the “books”. Others?

I remember receiving the Audio Advisor catalog for about five years and the attractive woman who must have been the world’s biggest audiophile – because she was in nearly every product shot.


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Connaker with interesting stuff.

yamaha rx v781 receiver.