Roon Ready audio output plays on core

Roon Core Machine

iMac 2019

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio CXNv2 (connected via wifi)

Number of Tracks in Library

16,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon thinks my CXNv2 is the “CoreAudio” device, when it should actually be the iMac. When I try to play music on the CXNv2, it plays through the Core (iMac) in stead. When I select “System Output,” it also plays on the iMac. As such, I can select two devices that play on my iMac but am unable to play music on the CXNv2 (the whole reason I subscribed to Roon in the first place).

Can you post a screenshot of settings:audio please?

When you click on the gear wheel for the cxn you show what does it then show?
Is it correctly identified etc?
And how is it all connected?
USB out from the iMac to the cxn or?

No, Roon does not think that the Cambridge Audio is your core. CoreAudio is a macOS term. It is the macOS internal audio pipeline.


The pictures of the “device setup” (in the gear wheel menu) are shown above. The device is correctly identified as CXNv2, and as stated, it is connected via wifi.

That may well be. Strangely, it’s not connected to the iMac in any way (audio device or otherwise). So in theory, the only way these devices know each other exists is through Roon.

No, it is not connected via the network, not as Roon sees it. If it were, it would show up below in the Roon Ready and/or Other network devices sections. Instead, it shows up under the This Mac section, indicating that it is connected to the computer.


But it’s not connected to the computer…?

Ok let’s rewind a little.
How is the cxn connected to anything in your system?

Your iMac is the Roon Core connected by Ethernet.
Your cxn should also be connected by Ethernet then it would show up as a Roon Ready device.

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You sure your not using a USB cable between the mac and the CXN or a Bluetooth connection as your core seems to indicate it’s connected to it as an audio output device and not a network connected device? Are you on the latest firmware for the CXN as they added Roon Ready support via an update.

As I’ve said, the CXN is connected via wifi. The iMac is connected to the Internet via wifi. The CXN is NOT connected to the iMac as an output device (wifi or ethernet - they are in separate rooms). Roon detects the CXN and then it shows up as part of the core.

Assuming the second screenshot is CXNv2 device settings, this is System Output on the iMac, and the OP has simply renamed it at some point.

A Mac usually has two outputs: Core Audio and System Output. Most likely that is what we’re seeing, but they’re renamed.

Is that’s the situation, then the CXN is not setup correctly or not connected to the network.

Latest firmware, yes. No usb or any other physical connection from CXN to iMac. They are in different rooms.

CXN has been set up, factory reseted, and set up again (all using the Cambridge Audio app). Firmware is up to date, and it shows Roon Ready as an input. The CXN works with Airplay, Tidal Connect, Apple Music, etc. Nothing unusual going on there. On the Mac side, the CXN is not set up as an output - no wired or wireless connection.

Do you have a USB drive with audio files connected to the CXN USB ports (Front or Back) ?

It could confuse things thinking that this is a “Server” but why it appears on the “This PC” section of Settings>Audio its weird. I have had this config in the past without it being like this. that said I am on Windows not Mac.

It should show under Roon Ready below that , hence all the questions about connection to the Mac

I suspect a network issue , can you run a temp Ethernet cable to the CXN , even move the CXN if needs be just to eliminate Wi Fi. Has the CXN been running Wi Fi on another server before, do you have another server (eg JRiver) to check this

Did you connect Wi Fi using an iPad or how ? CXN Wi-Fi dongles are a bit iffy on occasions my original one failed and CA replaced it AND is it in the correct USB port on the back , there are 2 , its specific as far as I know

Otherwise this is peculiar

Can you connect to the CXN using the StreamMagic app , maybe plug a small set of files on a USB Drive into the front USB port and see what you can see on the app ??

This how it should look, mines a V1 so not in the Roon Ready Section, your V2 should appear in Roon Ready( its Ethernet connected).

Happened something weird this morning. I have the Dac usb directly to the core. And nothing was playing, the roon was skipping tracks after 7 or 10 seconds on each one. No sound. All the connected to core connections were gone (system output and Mac mini speakers and the usb dac). The usb dac physically connected to the Mac mini appeared under the remote iMac outputs as Build-in Output (CoreAudio). Exactly how the CXNr2 is for Steve_Bruno. Refresh was just keep on rolling but not working. Did not do any screenshots, restarted the core m1 Mac mini, now all ok. If it happens again I’ll be back with screenshots.

You can edit and give anything the ICON you like… I just edited my LG TV to be a CXN-V2 (with a hypen) so I suggest you disable that one in your mac devices area in roon then we need to get to the network settings for both the mac and the CXN as far as IP addresses go

what does MacOS think it sees in System Report under audio?

Here’s what I get in system Report… no CXNv2

So, what are the IP addresses of:

  • your Core, and
  • your CXNv2 (connected via wifi)?