Roon ready Bluetooth receiver with headphone jack

I have a new 8k tv with BT. I wand to use my Meze Lirics plugged into a BT receiver that is roon ready so i can use Roons DSP while listening to my TV. I have a hearing loss so i need Roons speaker filter to center sound.

Alternatively, anyone know of a BT receiver with a channel balance control.


Neil, I don’t think there’s an answer there. Roon’s DSP only works with music that comes in from files or via streaming. So you can’t use it for the audio from your TV.

You may be able to “entrypoints” as a way of converting the TV audio to a stream and feed it into Roon, but I’ve never tried that and can’t say it will work. Seems it would require some tinkering, at the very least.

You should be able to find a bluetooth receiver with volume and balance control you can use to watch TV. Just Google it.

Thanks, damn hearing loss makes it tough to find a solution. Maybe theres a bt receiver with balance control out there