Roon Ready Cert for BR-20? When will this happen?

Can anyone from Roon say when the Bryston BR-20 will be certified Roon Ready? I know Bryston has sent a unit to Roon.


Ask Bryston, because Roon will not comment… and rightly so.

I did ask Bryston. They said they sent a unit to Roon. It would be helpful if Roon could at least say they looked at it, and told Bryston they need to do XYZ. Also, it seems like it wouldn’t take long, as the BR 20 has a Rpi 4, similar to the Bryston 3.14 which is Roon Ready (3.14 has an Rpi 3).

Surely that sort of detail should be between the 2 companies, I know it’s tough to wait but it does sound a bit like washing dirty linen…

of course it’s between the two companies, but it seems acceptable to ask where the process is at, and perhaps put a little pressure to move it along.


Bryston has a great presence in the Facebook group called our bryston audio. Several people in that group work at bryston and are active, I would suggest asking there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. I will likely check it out. Bryston said they gave a BR-20 to Roon, so it sounds like the holdup is with Roon. What is irratating is that Roon require strict certification, but then appear to hold up the process. Of course I’m not certain that is what is happening. I guess there is nothing I can really do.

Roon doesn’t communicate about certification, nor are you privy to what is going on there. So there’s no point in speculating who’s to blame for the holdup.

There is a reason why they require strict certification: because if things are not working, everyone will point to Roon. It makes sense for them to hold manufacturers to strict certification.

I’m using my BR-20 with usb from the roon nuc now and it works fine. But will be really nice to have the full integration, hopefully volume control will work and turn the real volume knob, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

I have no problem with Roon requiring strict certification. I just want the process to proceed as efficiently as possible. You are right, I probably shouldn’t speculate on who is to blame.

unfortunately my NUC will be quite a distance from where the BR-20 will reside. But I hopefully there will be other options until it is certified.

Certification takes time and is two way street. Just because a manufacturer has sent Roon a unit does not mean it’s going to pass first go. I don’t think any do and Roon do not comment on this process for good reasons.

Both Apple and Google also have strict certification to but it seems manufacturers always count on getting those done before launch as they have more customers requiring them and leave Roon till after. I don’t remember seeing one device recently that was launched Roon Ready on day one.

Hi Fredrik, I am considering buying the BR20. Could you further describe which functions are not yet fully integrated with Roon? What exactly doesn’t work?
Thank you, Ryan

hi, since Roon does not allow an untested device I cannot stream to it from roon as an endpoint using the BR-20’s ethernet port. What I did was connect my BR-20 via USB to my computer, this works fine.


Can you connect to the BR-20 using chromecast? that’s what i was planning on doing until it’s roon ready. not sure what will come first though, roon ready br-20 or the arrival of the br-20 itself. bryston still way behind on units.

Do you need to use Roon Bridge with the USB connection?

if you have a chromecast audio you can connect it via optical.

not sure what a roon bridge is…
But you can connect the br-20 to any device that supports roon via usb, optical analogue… The built in streamer does not work with roon yet.

Thanks. Sounds like simply connecting my laptop with Roon Core to the BR-20 with a USB cable will work for me.

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I heard there were some special requests for display functionality I told Bryston I would prefer bitrate in my BR-20 display when playing digital music.
If I want to know artist or make changes I will grab a Roon remote. So no problem give them Roon tested like they did for Allo Katana but display is not functional to Roon for time being.

Think Bryston should focus on their own music playback system first. As well as functionality. Can flower up as Roon end point later. Playback only is fine by me for time being.

Purely economical there are hundreds of thousands Roon users but a millions of potential clients just in North America alone.

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