Roon Ready Cert for BR-20? When will this happen?

Good call on bitrate. I too am fine with just playback.

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Ryan a laptop will work but you will need to disable power management. Still could have issues with usb dropping by design they try to conserve battery and stay cool.

Consider getting a Pi4b run Ropieee (roon ready) probably less messing around make sure the power supply you buy with it is 5v3a USB-C.
Get a case with a Fan (runs silent) or one of the aluminum ones that acts as a giant heat-sink.
If my Lumin sells on CAM that’s my plan until certified.

Would be similar in sound to Laptop in Canada about 120 give or take. Does do Native if you have DSD’s

I have a Cambridge Audio streamer that has a nice display, but I don’t care about it when using Roon because I use either my phone or laptop for that. No need to have a nice display when using a streamer with Roon in my opinion. I hope this isn’t going to be what delays the process (now nearly a year out) even further.

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I have Roon AirPlay working via Shairport-Sync. Was just listening to Apple Music via Shairplay-Sync moved the iPad Air 2 that was feeding BR-20 Apple Music to another device (so it’s not in use) then selected BRYSTON-BR-20 in Roon (must enable device first). Toggled and at least 16/44 was working.

I find I do have to turn off AirPlay in Roon when done with it. Which is easy enough from remote.

Often rebooting Apple Device helps pickup BR-20 again when switching from Roon to Apple Music

Good day, question for all you gentlemen here. I am very interested in the BR 20 because it, at least on paper, suits my needs perfectly with HDMI inputs for a SACD player and gobs of other options in terms of inputs and a DAC to boot. The price made me pause though. For what it offers it’s extremely inexpensive. Other preamps with DACs are three times the money and not as flexible as this one. For me it boils down to sound quality as I’m sure for all of us. Is it going to sound as good as the big names from Dan D’Agostino, Mark Levinson or SIM audio? Opinions very welcome. Thank you

Sounds amazing I went from a Home Theater Receiver as a preamp to the BR-20. My previous DAC was a BDA-3. So for me a significant upgrade. We find we are rediscovering much of our music. Noticing nuances we had not heard previously. Using a 3B sst2 and Paradigm Studio 100v3 as speakers. Its also impressive how good it sounds at lower volumes. Most systems you loose detail as volume goes down not with the BR-20 and a Bryston amp.
BR-20 is not Roon ready so you would have to use an inexpensive streamer Pi, PC, MAC until that hurdle is crossed. I was able to get Air Play working for lossless Apple Music at 16/44.

The term I would use is most excellent but love the Bryston sound.

My BR-20 just arrived but I haven’t connected it yet as I listen to music through Roon and the BR-20 is still not “Roon Ready”. It has been months since the roon ready process was initiated. it’s a black box so it’s anybodys guess why it is taking so long. I suppose I should not have bought the BR-20.

Thanks. However, that does not address the Roon Ready issue, which I assume is software. Bryston is caught up on the BR-20s.

The letter, which is days old, says they intend to be caught up with br20s at the end of this month, but you say otherwise. If the letter is mistaken that is great. It is clear the letter does not address Roon directly, but illustrates Bryston is struggling to meet their fundamental business obligations due to covid, which I’m sure impacts other less essential operations like Roon Readiness.

On Roon ready heard hold up was something to do with display of artist and song title (Fonts) which is not something I need. Regardless interesting to note, the display does work for Airplay…the songs I listened too all displayed properly.

interesting. the admittedly very limited info I’ve got from Bryston seems to indicate the holdup if Roon.

anyway, i’m trying to connect my BR-20 to wifi using the Bryston dongle but no luck so far.

I believe James Tanner mentioned WiFi in Audiocircle forum on BR-20 they are not as active over here.
They were concerned the WiFi device introduced noise being connected at USB I believe, but doesn’;t interest me so…I don’t think they meant noise like a buzzing sound heard, but stuff that causes error correction and reduces sound quality.

Personally run wires to everything when possible. I do as little as possible wireless and have enterprise access points. The glitch could be microwave, lights, vacuum, etc. such a pile of poop great for all my smart home devices tho…

Look into grouping zones to play same sound around house or compare two sources.

Page 14’s%20Manual.pdf

Latest Firmware Index of /downloads/BR-20/firmware July 2021

From a review of the BR-20 in Stereo Life posted today. Sad if what they say is true (i.e. slow down is due to Roon). Regarding Roon certification,

" Great, but when will that happen? I don’t know the answer to that question, yet some customers have been using the BR-20 for several nice months. I heard that the queue of devices waiting for certification is longer than the morning traffic on a busy highway, so it is possible that we will not get it even this year."

Old adage…
Never buy anything for what it MIGHT do in the future, only for what it DOES do right now……

yup, i think I am learning that the hard way. my br-20 is sitting in it’s box.

Really sorry to hear that, a lot of money to be a door stop.

Hopefully it will get Roon certified sooner rather than later.


I am also disappointed that it isn’t Roon Ready but that is more Roon than Bryston. Again not sure why anyone is bothering with showing song info in display can’t read it from across room anyway.

As mentioned before get Pi 4b and power with a Chifi power supply off of Ebay or aliexpress. Allo’s Shanti would do as well. Only reason I am selling mine is it doesn’t integrate with my home theater. Miss the sound already but missed my 7.2 more for movies and TV. There is also a Topper LPS on amazon just make sure to only use 1 of 5v output as it shares the amperage.

For the price its still a most excellent sounding DAC and Preamp.

I’ve also been looking seriously at the Bryston BR 20 and their 11B cubed amp for my florida home mostly because there is such a long wait for McIntosh mc462 and CS 2700 combo which I use in another home. But it sounds like i would still have to purchase a separate digital streamer ( I use the Auralic GS1 In my other home and it is great) to us e roon with the BR20 (unless i hook the nucleus up directly) - correct? In which case I’’d be paying the digital streamer circuitry for no reason and might be better off with a different preamplifier - in that case, any recommendations for a premaplifier with a great DAC to accompany the 11b amp? 2 channel

If you don’t want to wait until the BR 20 is certified Roon Ready, you would have to buy another streamer, or build a digi box running RAAT. That is the inexpensive way to go and would cost around $100 or so.

For the amp, do you mean the 14b3? I don’t think there is an 11b3.