Roon Ready Cert for BR-20? When will this happen?

Hi Folks - we should be sending a new version of software to ROON this coming week so hopefully I will have good news shortly about certification


That is awesome! I hope all goes well, and thank you for the update.

Thanks James great news Bryston’s BR-20 sounds most excellent, now to get bugs out, seems my Roon Bridge is working again with BR-20 streamer.

Where is Apple on proper control for Apple Music ? A company that does things better, it ne.

The volume also works from BR-20 streamer from the maximum level the dial is set at. So if volume dial is -30 on BR-20. You can turn it down from -30 but you can’t turn it louder. I am using the last MDP version released. So it is not the digital control which causes song to drop out when level is turned down. I assume analog as even at 10% there is a whisper of music. (I left levels and limits alone).

New MDP firmware out 21st.
Roon continued to work after install (just had to be turned back on in Roon settings).
Should we restart before doing update? I do habit learned for IT gear.

Thanks for the info. I am not going to update until the Roon Ready certification comes out. I’m too paranoid I’ll lose Roon capabilities.

FYI, I updated yesterday no problems. I have laptop->USB->BR-20.

Good Thing you didn’t update @Jeff_Z Roon Bridge is again, you guessed it gone…from services or selection under Playback Method.
Glad I have this little u59 so I can still listen to my music. Ordered a little R-cor Linear Power Supply from Ebay. Sounded a little better on Apple Music right across spectrum but really solidified bass. Pity about Roon Bridge for the few minutes it was working before freezing up I swear it sounded better…someone on AudioCirlce noted it as well, before his BR-20 froze up.

That being said its the first time since purchase I can turn volume up and down with Bryston remote without the whole unit freezing up. Balance is finally working too…

Anyone ever figure out what the password is for MDP? resetting to defaults is no help…without password can’t do much with my connected drives either.

Hey @Ryan_Carlson we are trying to use the Streamer as a builtin Roon Bridge. Comes and goes for me not sure why. Works for others if they stay at another older Bryston MDP update.

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Looks like the BR-20 is certified Roon Ready. Bryston CEO James Tanner posted on the Bryston website. It appears it will take a few days before we can download an update with the new software.

I’m looking forward to it!


Cool thanks @Jeff_Z

Mentioned the BR-20 sounded better.
Was actually due to buying a chifi Linear Power Supply for the little Beelink U59.
After two weeks the sound is impressive bass was most improved. A Neighbour came back and confirmed. We are pretty floored what 200 bucks did. Same improvement for Roon and Apple Music.
After a few intel video driver updates its running 4k and has no trouble doing concert videos.
Be cool to compare sounds to streamer, bet it will be a point of which do you prefer…
I always buy R-Core based LPS by default, lower noise in design.

BR-20 is most excellent bang for sound to coin a term.

Hi, any update on this?

Hi Fred - Our software is ready just waiting for ROON to provide the marketing materials to announce the certification.


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Roon Ready update was there this morning. Running fine so far.

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Thanks, I didn’t know it was out. Will update the BR-20 when I get home from work. Looking forward to it!

The description of the MDP firmware update has link to updated firmware BR20_2022_03e.bin to be installed from BCON. There is a pdf with instructions.
I did MDP firmware first then the BCON firmware. Not sure if it matters. Its just the order I noticed them in.

We have a direct volume control. So my BR-20 is set to have a starting volume of -50 so that is where volume started in Roon interface once I enabled it (goes from -80 to plus 12). Then when I turned up BR-20 volume control in Roon it increased master volume.

I installed the update, but not much has changed. The volume control seems the same as before. It doesn’t appear to control the preamp volume but rather the DAC volume.

Also, I have to enable the BR-20 if I turn it off and back on. I can’t power up or down the BR-20 through Roon. The only change is now there is a BR-20 icon in Roon. However, the BR-20 does not appear with my other Roon Ready devices in the “audio” section of “settings” in Roon.

Also, the BR-20 still says “Roon Bridge”.

What I am doing wrong?

You need to do the BCON firmware and MDP firmware update. Two different web addresses.
Read the pdf in that directory. The BR-20 restarted for each one. Took 5-10 minutes before I could select Roon In services.

Double checked from Roon Remote volume change is displayed in window on BR-20.

Definitely sounds better than mini PC on USB. More refined, open, detailed, true to the music it plays back


Thanks. I did do both updates, and it is still behaving as before–no volume control except on the DAC. The BCON update seemed to work properly, as the version matched the file name version. The MDP says firmware is up to date. I restarted BR-20 and my Roon interface. Did not restart my NUC.

i’m too pooped to mess with this more tonight. at least I can still use Roon with it.

incredibly convoluted how one has to update the BR-20.

Try going to services turn off Roon ready maybe restart, not power pull. let it come up give it a couple of minutes to load. Then turn on roon ready again.
Mine was gone so I had to select it.
Took a couple of tries to reenable which is probably a handshake taking place to enable certification. Not very patient.
You should notice lineart change.

Would set my limit just below where amp lights begin to blink red or your ears bleed LOL. For my old 5B ST that’s 0. Also turn on fans that cool 5b from app in my phone. (APC sells power bars that have outlets and USB power that can be turned on and off with Alexa or their app).

Ok, it is working now. Thanks again for helping me through it. Now I’ll live with it for a few days and post thoughts after I see how it’s working. Volume is working, but I can’t turn BR-20 on/off through Roon. I guess that won’t be a feature.

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Probably just needs some time once you update.

Remote is working for me usually power down from it. If not in room you can make a shortcut on phone to bcon ip address/ webpage there is a power button there.

Worked for a Satellite company so understand what happens with development of software hardware.

Bryston uses Linux kernel while maintaining their own hardware layer as well as software to control it all. Then try to keep costs down so they are competitive plus maintain the high build quality they are known for. Then deal with Covid.

Good things come to those who are patient. Glad I waited and did not sell.

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