Roon Ready Cert for BR-20? When will this happen?

The Bryston remote can also be used for Streamer functions (play, stop, FF, Rev, etc).

How do people find out about Bryston software releases? Do we just experiment and report, too share with others?

I’m very happy with the roon implementation so far. Really nice to be able to use the remote for play, pause etc.

What I think could be improved is the use of the display. For me in my normal seating position I have a hard time reading the song title becaues the font is small. Maybe an option to adjust the size could work? Or even have like scrolling ARTIST - SONG scrolling as an option to really fill up the display.


The implementation is working well for me too. I don’t have to re-enable Roon when I power up the BR-20 from standby, which is a huge improvement over the Roon bridge implementation. Controlling the pre-amp volume is also a big improvement.

I don’t care much about reading the BR-20 display, as I use Roon control everything and read about the music, often with the phone app, but the laptop app is way better to enjoy all the awesomeness of room. The more screen space for Roon the better.

I wish I could power on/off the BR-20 from Roon. Seems it would be possible since you can do so from the manic moose interface.

Jerry, I usually hear about firmware updates from you :slight_smile:

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Loving the new Roon features Bryston! Thanks for working tirelessly in partnership with Roon to get it over the line. The results are awesome.

Is there any way to have both the Roon-Ready and Shareport services running at the same time?

It would please my divided family hugely not having to delve into the depths of the Bryston UI to toggle between Shareport (…young child using Spotify) and Roon (…adults in love with the quality of their music and interface) playing modes.

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

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Hi Chris - that’s called commodity switching and its coming with OS3 which is the new software we are working on.

Folks the best way to stay in touch is with our Facebook Page - I am usually there every day.

New firmware for MDP dropped on weekend.

Another BCON firmware is also up as of today.

The home theater bypass is also functional with the install of BR20_2022_04a.
Believe its okay to talk about.
There is also a new volume control menu setting for the 12v trigger to be disabled.

I am having issues with the volume control. I often use the Roon app on my android phone. Three times in the last day while increasing the volume by tapping on the “+” icon, the volume shot up to maximum level. Not good for my speakers or my ears. The first time I thought I had done something. The last time I was careful to watch what I was doing and it is definitely a software bug.

I am only going to use the knob on the Bryston to increase volume (or the remote). Too dangerous to use the app. I have two other Roon Ready devices and i’ve not had this problem. Maybe this is the volume control problem that Roon had discovered early on?

Thanks for letting us know about the update Jerry. I haven’t installed yet.

There are some important bug fixes with the HTB and Mute functions and this new version needs to be installed.

Just post the link to this page and say that the BR20_2022_04a BIN file needs to be installed and the PDF with instructions on how to do it are posted at the same link.

Adam Tanner
Senior Technician

Did you install new BCON firmware? If so make sure you follow instructions in pdf at link posted by previous user.

Starting at step 9
We now need to Reset the DEFAULT EEPROM…
Prior to this the volume was coming up at -10.
So will do this step from now on if updating BCON before playing music, etc.

Do I have to update the BCON software again? I did it once last week to make my unit roon ready. I did an additional update last night, but I don’t think it was the BCON side.


What you described is fixed

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Problems with new BCON too for me can’t win.
Figured out a work around.
Doubt I will install anymore software tired of having to figure out work arounds for my gear to work.
popping going on with streamer when switching from flac to dsd.


I only use Roon, so I think I have it easier than you Jerry. But I am afraid to use the volume control given what happened previously. I’m not confident it has been sorted. I’ve been using the slider volume control on my phone app, and that has worked thus far.

Good Day all

Bryston released a new firmware version today. It is the one that requires a bit of effort BCON. Solved previously reported problems.
Make sure to update ASAP.

Here is what I reported in AudioCircle in BrystonLimited.

Good Day

Have updated to today’s BR20_2022_04c.bin
Switching from Home Theater bypass to Roon (Streamer) volume was -40 a much better level. I did so by clicking a song in Roon, then BR-20 switched from HTB to playing that song in Roon.
Slick so we can control volume from Roon, but also force Roon\streamer to start to play selected song in Roon no matter what input we are on handy for us folks that listen to records

Sound as always is most excellent.
Check out the new Rush - Moving Pictures album (white)

Ahh Bryston gets us Roon Streamer certified and I can’t get software going on new computer.
5 days no support…
Survive a tornado but can’t get Roon Core installed and running…

With the release of ROON 2.0, I lost Roon compatibility. Cant play music. I have a small laptop streaming direct with USB to BR-20. Never an issue. Anyone else?

I updated my core to 2.0 and BR-20 is working fine.

Thanks. I restarted BR-20 and its working again.

Mine stopped working last night. I restarted the BR-20 and it is working again. Something to watch.

Edit: the br-20 is now listed in roon as an uncertified device. Did br-20 lose certification?