Roon Ready Certification

This is not clear to me: it is only about network RAAT devices/protocol, or all protocols? Having a not certified DAC via USB it will still be possible (or not)?..

I bought this software years ago but can live without it. BluOs will sound just as good in my case

I’d love to read the legal position in the Roon T&Cs on this, but unfortunately they appear to have been lost during the website update and can’t be accessed.

Not happy at all.

I’ve had to re-enable some affected devices due to firmware updates, or had them mysteriously show up disabled for non-apparent reasons. So those are now ticking time-bombs.

And then there’s my pending Roon Core hardware upgrade … the machine for which won’t arrive until after the 21st - leaving me with a choice of not using it or giving up the devices which, until now, have been working fine.

What happens if anyone’s Core fails for any reason?

If this only affects network-connected devices I’ll be less impacted, but not by much. If it affects ALL devices, even locally connected USB-DACs then it’ll render Roon unusable for me.


I’m trying not to over-react to this news until I learn more. I’m surprised that the Rooneratti (Darko, Lavorna, et al) aren’t showing any press release info on this change and can explain the impact of it in terms I can understand.

Which devices? Does a simple DAC count as a ‘device’ or does the new change apply to streamer/dac/server units?

Could have been explained a bit better. Meanwhile I will wait, watch, and read. ( And listen…)


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After rereading and seeing the screenshot they put in the post I think it will affect network streaming devices directly connected devices looks like those won’t be affected…

ROON gives enough time for manufacturers to get certification? I asked some manufacturers instead of get Roon certified but put effort to improve firmware.

None of the Android DAP and iOS devices are certified endpoint, so none of them can work with ROON to give sound?

This may cause massive Number end of trial and yearly subscription or large number of device sending in for certification but unable to finish them, causing down time for their devices

If that is true, they need to get out ahead of this,

I thought I was seeing things, did someone click a mouse Oops

Mine will be one come December …

I am not usually one to post on the forum but I also hope Roon will rethink this change.

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I changed the title of this thread and replaced “Certified” with “Uncertified”

there is an update in the post:

Note — This only affects devices that release as Roon Ready before completing their Roon Ready certification. Supported non-Roon Ready devices like USB DACs, Sonos, Airplay, and more will continue to work with Roon.”

That may cure some of the panic

Roon seems to have let the engineers write their customer communications today. Lots of confusion. The email they sent out says “If you purchase a device that is not certified as Roon Ready, you will not be able to Enable it for use after September 21st.”. This is not what it (now) says in their post in the community; it seems to say that if you purchase a device which does not CLAIM to be Roon Ready, you can still connect it. I think.


Hi everyone:

To clarify, this only affects devices which are going to be Roon Ready network players but were released before their Roon Ready certification was completed. When our partners create a Roon Ready network player, they go through a certification process that ensures they meet the quality requirements expected of all devices in the program.

When a device releases in an uncertified state like this, they are in violation of our licensing agreements, and we cannot ensure that these uncertified Roon Ready network players live up to the quality that is expected of Roon Ready devices.

This does not affect non Roon Ready devices like USB DACs, Roon Tested devices, Airplay, Sonos, etc. These devices will continue to be supported. If your device does not specifically say Uncertified on the audio settings screen, it will not be affected.


This is a most welcome clarification!

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Android Phone and DAP will not able to use and enable after 21 Sept? Only can use as remote?

Well, I can understand why Roon would feel moved to take such a decision. It’s not right that quite a lot of hardware manufacturers release devices with ‘Roon Ready’ seal without having completed the certification process. This is disingenuous to say the least, and will affect Roon’s goodwill and customer support burden. Of course, most customers who bought a device expecting it to work such as a Roon-Ready certified device should work, will vent their disappointment and look for support on this very forum, when it is not.


Roon should hire a communication manager and few designers :sweat: