Roon Ready Certification

There was a “sticky” post stating that effectively any non Roon Certified product would not be able to be Enabled

Funnily I can’t see that post any more …

Definitely Enabled , they seemed to have removed the post at the moment , I should have screenshot it

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I read that post, which is sticky again, to say that if a manufacturer has advertised their device as being ‘Roon Ready’ but it has not yet completed certification, then one can’t enable it.

For devices that are not advertised as being ‘Roon Ready’ or for any device already enabled, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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It’s here

Interpret as you may

The post has been updated. Everyone can breathe again!

This really seems as though it will be a bummer. I have a Salk Streamer. I don’t know what the cost is to be “Roon certified”. Hoping it’s not much or free.

But given that I signed up for a lifetime subscription and recruited others to do the same for the discount, this is kind of a crappy move. Very short timeframe given for MFG’s to get certified".

Love Roon, but on the surface this seems like a pretty crappy move given the time frame.

Hoping it’s not much or free.

We don’t charge anything for certification.

This change prevents manufacturers from signing the Roon Ready license agreements, obtaining our SDK, building hardware using our technology, and then skipping our certification/review process and releasing unfinished, unreviewed products straight to customers.

We don’t charge for certification, but going through our certification process is a hard requirement for manufacturers to use use our technology. It is the only way that we can maintain the quality + support level that people associate with Roon Ready.

A tiny minority of manufacturers have released uncertified devices. We have been communicating with manufacturers about this coming change for over a year, and have provided ample time for them to come into compliance, and most of them have.


So Roon is taking away the ability to play to devices that aren’t certified? Sounds like another Roon policy that puts the company first and the end user last. As users we can’t control the issues between audio manufactures and Roon trying to get audio devices certified. Roon has their story and the audio manufactures have theirs. Even the dealers and many of us users are tired of the lockups, restarts, drop outs, and other Roon problems. So Roon want to now throw their weight around and take away something that they have supported for years.

Roon has alienated many audio manufactures and dealers because of their lack of support. The relationship is broken in cases with Roon working with NAD and many other audio companies (Bricasti). Finger pointing is Roon’s go to policy when working with vendors and their relationship with dealers is not much better.

If a device I play to today is disabled for some reason in the future I will seek a refund from Roon or will be forced to seek legal remedies as I believe this new policy is misguided possibly in violation of my states laws and regulations.

So, to reiterate Roon’s new stance effective September 21, 2020

Starting September 21st , Roon Ready devices that are uncertified will no longer have the ability to be enabled on the Audio Settings screen. When this change is made, uncertified devices will be discoverable, but cannot be Enabled for use with Roon.

If your device is Enabled in Roon’s settings, it will stay Enabled. But if you Disable the device, you will not be able to Enable it again after September 21st.

If you purchase a device that is not certified as Roon Ready, you will not be able to Enable it for use after September 21st.

Admin Edit: Please see clarification linked below:


I read that… so does that means I won’t be able to play music with Roon on my Emotiva system connected my living PC through USB? :scream:

This seems pretty short sighted to me. Pretty sure none of my DACs are certified. I can’t just arbitrarily purchase three new ones that fit the profile. I have defended Roon decisions before, but this one appears to be not in my best interest.


On first reading, I am seriously p—d off with this. When we buy a lifetime licence for Roon, this is not supposed to be a licence where they can arbitrarily turn off devices.

Many Roon users are hifi enthusiasts who regularly update their gear. What happens in the second-hand market? Will we buy equipment only to find we cannot control it?

What happens with Linn users? We have huge investments in equipment, none of which (I understand) is certified. Disaster. And after Linn users have been such good supporters of Roon over the years.

Roon has seriously overstepped the mark here. Instead of barring non supported devices they should just pop up a warning on first connection and let the user take the risk.

I don’t see the commercial rationale here. Perhaps Roon wants to drive up the fees they receive from certification? That seems very narrow-minded and not in the interests of its users.


Perhaps they bought shares. In RPi and are sponsoring roipeee

It may well be the only way many devices will function, with some sort of bridge

Disgusted comes to mind …

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Just heavy handed, self serving, anti-customer Roon BS. Roon has a reputation among many audio companies as not being supportive. NAD comes to mind as well as Bricasti.

If Roon will refund my money I will walk away happy. If they shut down my access to my Bricasti M3 that is Roon Ready - Uncertified I will pursue action through my state’s consumer protection bureau and the State Attorney’s office. To take away functionality because I had chose to reinstall Roon on another server is not something I will tolerate. Perhaps a class action will be needed at some point if enough users lose access to existing devices.

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Loving the official Roon facebook page - bragging about about all the Roon “ready” devices, that now won’t be supported in a couple of weeks. That is going to go down sooooo well.

If roon would stop playing on any audio product I use. My decision would be to ditch roon… not the hardware.

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How do you ditch a $500.00 purchase of Roon software? A refund will have to given to all impacted Roon users. Morgan and Morgan… for the shafted Roon user!

So, it’s being suggested that Roon is extorting manufacturers for fees to keep Roon readiness. I would like for Roon to explain what causes a manufacturer and it’s product line to be dropped.

This decision is not customer friendly. I bought a Nucleus and a $500 internal SSD for the long term. Now, if I have to move my system and disconnect my Schiit DACs, it sounds like the Nucleus and drive are doorstops.

Please rethink this.

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Yep with you there steve1.

My subscription is up for renewal in January, won’t be happening now.
I have inadvertantly had to re-enable my Arcam SA30 amp and Chord 2Go at least twice in the last 6 months, so what if this were to happen again a few weeks into new subscription - that would be £100 plus down the toilet!!