Roon ready devices (Lumin and OPPO) are not shown anymore (after Update to 1.8)


I made the update to roon 1.8 (880) today.
Since then, my “roon ready devices” (Lumen T1 and Oppo 203) are not shown in the Zone Selection section (down right). And so I can’t use them.
All other devices (SONOS) are shown and working.
The “Roon ready devices” are still shown in the settings audio section.
I restarted the core and the system already.
So what is the solution?

Hello, I may have the same problem as you. Have you tried to limit the Sonos devices to 7 ? For, me, when I activate no more than 7 Sonos devices, all devices are shown correctly. If I activate an 8th one, all the devices are not shown anymore

Mr_Smys, thanks for your help.
The problem ist, I do have 15 SONOS devices and don’t want to limit myself.
And it worked before 1.8 (880).
So the “roon people” have to find a solution.
But nevertheless thanks for the hint.

Yes, I understand your problem, I have more than 7 Sonos myself and I don’t want to limit either. But the limit is the only workaround I found for the moment. I also hope the developers will find a solution soon

Thanks, and yes. You are right.
There is a sudden limit to 7 SONOS Devices connected via the SONOS streaming protocol which of course is not acceptable. So developers: Please adjust that a.s.a.p.

To expand your workaround a little bit:
I could activate more than 7 SONOS devices by connecting them via the AirPlay protocol.
I don’t know why (how should I?), but these seems to work.
A limitation of course is that I can’t group SONOS streaming devices with AirPlay streaming devices and that my older SONOS models don’t even have AirPlay.
But it gives a little more flexibility until the problem is solved

It’s exactly the same problem here : Some audio players not shown in player selection menu (1.8 build 880) [Investigating] (And it’s now investigated).

I haven’t been able to get anything to show up as selectable except for my Sonos devices. Going by your post on the limit, as soon as I disabled to have 6 Sonos devices my phone and desktop became available.

Not idea, but at least I can listen to music for now, so thank you for at least finding out that semi-workaround for temporary music listening in my office.

Update Roon to build 882.

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