Roon Ready Endpoint & DAC?

Lumin S1 / A1 / T1 / D1 Fully Decodes MQA via both their native app and Roon Ready playback, because Lumin has integrated the latest MQA identification feature of RAAT since August 7.


No, Meridian not listed as having a Roon ready network player in partners

  1. Short answer: yes. Long answer: in a setup with source direct to power amp (without pre-amp) - not just Lumin but including other DAC and CD players with digital volume as well - generally people find that having a pre-amp gives better results. That being said, recent Lumin exhibitions in Munich and Hong Kong have Lumin S1 direct output to WestminsterLab mono amps. Note: if you find you have too much gain in your setup or have to reduce digital volume too much, use attenuators. You should also turn off Lumin digital output.

  2. Yes, you can use Roon app or Lumin app to control Lumin volume.

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Oppo UDP 203 player
Oppo UDP 205 player / DAC.

Roon Ready as of yesterday.

First box is the UDP-203. Second box is UDP-205. Third box is the firmware announcement.

According to a recently posted thread Oppo UDP203/205 are now Roon Ready.

That suggests if the Sonica isn’t now it will be soon. There was talk of that happening before. Also the UDP-205, which I intend to purchase very soon, should be a fine, versatile networked media player well worth your consideration.

Thanks! I noticed the news on the 203 and 205, and I was thinking the same thing for Sonica. Good choice since it also has volume control built in. No remote?

Also, how would I connect two subwoofers into the Sonica? Use the 2 RCA preouts? (the XLRs would be connected to the Amp)

I thought about the 205, but having it in my stereo gig with no TV set is such a waste…

There are tons of choices for connecting subs. You could as you suggest use the XLR though you might be fighting with a level discrepancy making it difficult to match levels. You could simply use a couple of RCA “Y” splitters. Many if not most subs have a built-in low level crossover, so you could feed the Sonica into the crossover in and the high pass output would go into your amplifier. Or you could use the speaker level inputs to the sub. I know my Martin Logan Descent i has all of those options.

I pulled the trigger on the Lumin T1. Should arrive in about a week.

Thanks everyone for your help!


Good choice! Let us know what you think of it later! :slight_smile:

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Yes, please post your impressions once you’ve listened to it for a while.

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I am now looking for a Roon Ready ethernet based DAC. I am tired of dealing with the never-ending management of a USB chain and want a simple digital endpoint box. (And then a simple analog endpoint i.e. an integrated amp). From the above it looks like the only options on the market are:

Lumin D1 & T1
OPPO UDP-203 & 205

Is that really it??! I would think this segment would be ripe for the picking.

What’s your budget?

Let’s say $2k. T1 is out. The T1 is out of my range. D1 looks good but the hardware is going on, what, almost 3 years old now? Don’t know much about the OPPO UDP-205 but wasn’t really looking for a disc transport and associated video stuff … which no doubt eats up a lot of the cost.

fwiw, I have a usb/dac stack of SMS-200 (powered by SPS-500), Intona, Denafrips Ares R2R. Yes I could upgrade the Denafrips Ares but instead of doing that thinking it would be nice to consolidate these 3 pieces into 1 and get out of the USB chain nonsense.

What I really want is a great midrange DAC with a Roon Ready ethernet endpoint stuck on top of it … I guess I could look at Rpi/Allo concoctions.

Auralic Aries??

or Altair

The Aries is just a bridge/endpoint no? And I would still need a Dac. The Auralic Altair would be an option though it would seem … don’t know much about Auralic (yet).

I agree with @bearFNF that the Altair seems like what you’re asking for … but are you unhappy with the SMS-200 & power supply? If not, why not hang on to those and just upgrade your DAC?

Good starting point here:[0]=maximum_output%3A84

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Thats a new one to me @RBM!
I was looking for something similar recently but gave up!

It’s kind of shocking when you look at cost, in both ends of the span! :slight_smile: