Roon Ready mobile devices

Are there any mobile devices except A&K and Chord that are Roon Ready/Tested?

I’d like to have a roon ready mobile dac/amp I can take with me to the back yard and listen to music on my headphones right off it (without a cable to my phone as end point). I already have A&K and they just don’t work reliably with roon, and I’ve ruled out Chor due to my unwillingness to bring micro USB back into my life…

But I can’t find a single other mobile device that supports Roon. Is there really no other option? Would be happy to find another option… any advice would be appreciated!

I use a Raspberry Pi 4 running RoPieeeXL. Mine has a screen, a Dragonfly Cobalt DAC, and is battery powered. It connects to my router all over my yard, but I usually use it on the back porch.

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I do hope to find a singule mobile device that is roon ready dac/amp, but if none exist I supposed this can definitely work - much appreciated

I use my old android phones as a mobile endpoint around the house and garden.


I’ve installed Roon on my Fiio M11+ and it works on my home network.


I can’t recommend the otherwise great DAP Onkyo DP-X1 for Roon - doesn’t stream reliably on my home network.
I now use my old iPhone 8 with an AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt and good headphones instead, which works very well for me.

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Sorry, and you need the “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter”, I forgot to mention that.

Thanks everyone!

@Rugby / @huang – wouldn’t android end-point (whether mobile phone, or abdroid-based dap) be limited in resolution? I’ve read somewhere at somepoint that high-res files (e.g. 24/912) are downsampled to whatever limit android has?

@UliR – have the Cobalt and agree it works great with iPhone and a headphone. I’m hoping to find a single roon-ready mobile device that doesn’t have extra cables and accessories attached to it. Surprised at this modern agen of networking we can’t have more such options.

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Well, Android mixer is limited in high res, but certainly plays CD res just fine; but, if I am on the patio and blasting speakers at a party or moving around gardening with headphones, I don’t need or really even want hi res. I’m going to be moving, sweating, I’m not going to be using serious headphone at all in those instances.

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@goldwerger - I see it like you do. Maybe we’ll find a device like that someday - which makes it easy. I’m also annoyed by the adapters and mobile add-on dacs and all that stuff.

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yes got it :slight_smile:

I listen to headphones, so for me the quality of listening remains important indoors or outdoors (in the privacy of my home/garden)

There is nothing proper other than the two you mention. All the rest are workarounds.

I use Roon app on my Hiby DAP but like all Android it’s stuck at certain rates and Roon resamples the rest. Interface is too small on it and it’s a bit sluggish but sounds very good none the less.

Using an external DAC on an android phone with Roon is a waste of time and inconvenient and leads to the same issues as DAPS but with headache of dongles and a DAC hanging off it. Ipod and a DAC with apple camera adaptor will get you bitperfect but again dongles and extra devices. Until Roon goes mobile I can’t see there being a plethora of proper options. I wish more DAPs would look at RAAT and offer decent Wifi.

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My Samsung S21 works well as a roon device. I use Sony Bluetooth headphones.
Obviously that 96/24 track then has to be squeezed over an LDAC link but still sounds good, especially with the noise reduction blocking out the neighbours.

completely agree with everything - this is such a giant blackhole in Roon’s roadmap. They are already an excellent product, but very limited in requiring stationary products (not to mention tied to local network). If they solved the mobility use case, it would expand its adderssable market and use case by an insane factor of magnitude.

I’m strictly using wired headphones (very much into headphone gear, so big collection of higher end headphones), but thanks nonetheless, much appreciated!!

I don’t take my good ones into the garden :grinning: the hd800 make me look like a cyberman

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LG phones are Roon Ready.

good headphone :slight_smile: not as bad as wearing the MDR-R10… but music first :slight_smile:

I don’t think they are (see list of all roon ready partners, they are not on it: 75+ Roon Ready Partners - Network Players, Devices & Core Servers)

You are probably using the roon android app on your LG, which then gets the files (downsampled to 16/44.1 per discussion above). But that device isn’t discoverable as a roon ready device on the network - so if you opened the roon app on any other end point, you wouldn’t be able to send a stream to your LG - right?

I just tried it with my LG phone and…
Yes it was detected by my other Motorola phone and by iPad mini4 as a Roon audio zone.

But same is true vice versa.
Does not make a LG phone Roon Ready.