Roon Ready Mode on Bryston BDP-1 kills files operations


On my BDP-1, i have to disable Roon Ready mode, when i want to transfer files over the network to my BDP-1. Ive posted on the Bryston forum on Audio Circle and didnt get an answer/solution. No-one experienced my issues.

Maybe here anyone can shed some light?

It is a 100% repeatable thing:
Roon ready enabled: no transfer possible, BDP-1 shows in Mac/Finder, clicking it throws it out, no folders (usb Hdd’s) on the BDP-1 are displayed
Disabling Roon ready mode, immediately solves the issue, files are transferred, and all is well in Finder.

Ive tried 3 Roon server settings to see whether they made any difference. Running on Nas, with internal drives, and external SSD for RoonServer, on Macbook Air (ssd internal) with attached Hdd for music files, and on Macbook Pro, with library on the NAS. They didnt change anything: Roon Ready disables file operations on the BDP1.

BDP-1 is shown in Roon as an available device to play to, and in fact does play.

Please help?



It sounds like it might be by design; as typically when the BDP-1 is in Roon Ready mode the audio files would be stored on a NAS (or the computer running the Roon Core) and then be streamed to the Bryston using RAAT over the network.

really? i thought as much, but AC-forum members, even the main designer of the BDP itself, stated they could transfer files to the BDP while in Roon ready mode :thinking:

[quote=“M_ten_Harmsen_van_de, post:3, topic:12565”]
[/quote]Just my supposition. Bryston really need to comment.

Having feedback from other Roon Ready BDP-1 users would help to confirm if this behaviour is isolated or more wide spread.

could you describe what Roon ready mode does to the BDP?
I mean, somehow it prevents file operations so i take it there is some interaction going on, even when not playing? It doesn’t appear to be a resource hog, since resources are not unusual.

indeed the files are on my NAS.
Of course i could also point to the files on the hdd’s attached to the BDP… Sending files form the BDP to the Roon server and back again doesn’t seem to efficient though, and might stress the resources on the BDO even further?

Anyways, maybe some extra thought on your behalf, before i go back to Bryston again :wink:


Unincognito on the Audiocircle thread is the expert on the BDP players.

very well known. For years actually.

check his response at:

still, Roon Ready Mode on the BDP1 blocks file transfers… (in my setting, whcih i wouldn’t think is extraordinary from a network perspective)