Roon Ready Preamp/DAC with home theater bypass or alternatives


I just downloaded the Roon core on my PC laptop and have the app on my phone as I try to figure my way out through things. This all started because I demo’d the Simaudio Moon 390 (streamer, preamp, DAC, with HT bypass) and definitely thought it sounded great and was a big step above my streaming of Tidal through HEOS via my Marantz 7705. Here is what my set up is:

Marantz 7705- Mark Levinson 433- Revel Studio 2 ( I am leaving out the rest of the surround speakers and amps as we are looking at two channel streaming music)

I used the demo Moon 390 with HT bypass via XLR cables between the Marantz and the Levinson amp. I loved it as I mentioned above but nearly 6K seems like a steep cost for what is probably a 10% improvement. I was hoping I could potentially use Roon for streaming and get a cheaper option as far as a DAC/preamp that would get me to the same end point as the Moon 390. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is all new to me and I have yet to use Roon. I know the Marantz 7705 is not Roon Ready just Roon Tested so it sounds like I could Airplay from my PC with Roon core to the Marantz but I know the sound quality wouldn’t be nearly as good. I haven’t tried that as I haven’t figured out how to do that at this point.


Bryston just announced very interesting Preamp/Dac/Streamer:

Some discussion:


Great thanks, looks amazing and similar to the Moon but actually more money.

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge?

I found a Krell KAV250p. The surround processor would have to use RCA, but my DAC could use XLR