Roon ready wireless DAC/Headphone Amp

I still within my first year of enjoying the convenience of Roon (w/Nucleus) and loving it. So much so I tend to stay up some nights listening to the wonderful gems of my collection. A habit that isn’t working well with my sleep worshiping wife.

The solution I want is, as the subject line implies … Headphone Amp w/DAC that is also wireless Roon-ready device easy to transport to the next closest power outlet (doesn’t have to be battery powered).

I’d prefer smaller format to a more complete “amp” capable of driving speakers, etc. Bluetooth (who cares).

I don’t think I’m asking much, but I’m having a hard time finding what I want – without getting into something more than I’m looking for (thus more $$$).

Any suggestions?

A somewhat costly single box solution, i.e. a Roon ready wireless DAC/Headphone Amp, is the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge I have this bridge for sale

At the moment I don’t of any other single box solution but hopefully there will be other responses and other solutions!

Chord Poly + Mojo:

:heavy_check_mark: DAC / Headphone Amplifier
:heavy_check_mark: Wireless Streamer / Player
:heavy_check_mark: Roon Ready
:heavy_check_mark: easy to transport


A phone and a DAC.

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Better yet - a smartphone with a good DAC built in - LG V30

Or an ANDROID DAP - limited to 48Khz but higher with MQA. (no comments please)

Really? Really? :grin:

Note that the Poly has a defective-by-design Wi-Fi solution (no 5GHz support).

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By the reviews the Poly seems pretty complicated to connect and control.

Fiio M6, M9 or M11 Pro?

Since the configuration app got released, where the Android version was months behind iOS, and some bugfixes in the firmware, I’m pretty happy with the usability for such a small mobile package. If you want to use it with Roon exclusively, there’s no need to reconfigure anything after the initial configuration for Roon and playback control will be through Roon. You can even control the volume through Roon if you don’t need DSD support through the DAC. As others already mentioned, the Poly supports only 2.4 GHz WiFi (802.11n) by design.

If ever possible and what ever you might have in mind that you want to buy, try to find a dealer that allows you to test the device(s), preferably with your own headphones and at home (with your own equipment).

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I love my PecanPi Streamers from @Orchard_Audio. They have an amazing clarity to them that makes it feel the artist is in the room with you. The guy that makes them cares a great deal about the performance of his devices. I have 2 of them, they are grouped in Roon and at 2 different points in my home. When I walk through my house it’s like I am inside the music.

It will drive headphones just fine. I think for speakers you will need an amp. Orchard Audio have just made some great new amps that are on my wishlist.


Check this out purchased one a couple of weeks ago and is very versatile. Although it is not an end point you can connect to your phone either wired or Bluetooth and sounds great.

Thanks for the mention. There are multiple individuals on this forum who can attest to the PecanPi’s quality.

The PecanPi streamer is has small footprint and is easy to transport. Performance is top notch. They are currently out of stock but will start shipping again before end of February.

I use a Dragonfly Red connected to an iPad for headphone listening. The DAC is limited to 96K.

Your post prompted me to check out Poly again. Ordered one with 20% discount and a free leather case.

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Couldn’t be happier with my mojo/poly and IEMs best way to suffer the other half’s soaps addiction.


Have my Poly, setup in a few minutes and giving it a full charge while I copy music onto an SD card. All set for tomorrow.

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I have to echo the PecanPi Streamer recommendation as well. I also have two, one of which I use frequently for headphone listening. Exceptional Roon endpoint & DAC!

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