Roon Ready Wireless Speakers

(Ralph Pantuso) #1

Would it be possible for the Roon team to assemble a list of wireless speakers that are Roon Ready, similar to the lists for music streamers and DACs?

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(Paul Whittaker) #2

Is there anything in particular you are looking for? I found it a pain and did tons of research.

(Andrew Stoneman) #3

LS50 wireless

(Ralph Pantuso) #4

Exactly my point.

There are many wireless all-in-one speakers now on the market, some are bluetooth, some are wi-fi/ethernet and some are both. And there are plenty of reviews but most of these reviews make no mention of Roon and whether or not the speakers are “Roon ready”.

Therefore the addition of a “Wireless Speakers” in the Knowledge Base “Partner Devices Matrix” page would be very helpful.

(Paul Whittaker) #5

I’m assuming the answer is no?

(Ralph Pantuso) #6

No, the answer is yes, as in:

Yes, I’m looking for a convenient way to find out what wireless speakers will work with Roon. :smile:

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(Paul Whittaker) #7

Haha well there isn’t at present. I made my choice after a long winded process of disappointment as I wanted Roon RAAT support and not botched on support.

(Ralph Pantuso) #8

So is what I’m asking for a “feature request”? :thinking:

(Paul Whittaker) #9

Maybe, I think it should be on the site but I don’t think its a feature request.

(Pieter de Vries Robbé) #10

At least Chromecast compatible speakers should be possible like LG WK7.

(Paul Whittaker) #11

Not if you want RAAT

(Ralph Pantuso) #12

Whenever I have RAAT I call these guys: Raat removal :crazy_face:

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(Ralph Pantuso) #13

So do Chromecast compatible wireless speakers work with Roon?

Who knows, but perhaps a nice compatible wireless speakers matrix would help us to find out.

(Paul Whittaker) #14

Yes it will “work” but wont sync with other devices outside of Chromecast.

(Paul Kraft) #15

All of the Bluesound WiFi speakers are Roon Ready and work great for us.


They are not Roon Ready, they are Roon tested as they don’t use RAAT.

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There are wireless RAAT speakers from Elac, B&W and Bluesound. KEF LS50w and LSX are Roon tested which don’t use RAAT but can be streamed to and controlled by Roon. Any Chromecast or airplay enabled speaker can also be used. That’s all the ones I know of.

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(Andrew Stoneman) #18

Good job I use a SOtM bridge with mine then :grinning:

(Paul Whittaker) #19

Naim also offer a range of Roon ready speakers.


That’s true the new Musos are Roon Ready forgot thosem