Roon recognizes my Auralic Altair G2.1 as Altair G1

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Sometimes there are little breaks at the beginning of a new song after format change to hi res. A delay of 500 ms doesn‘t help. When will roon recognize my Altair correct? I hope this will help. With DS lightning I don‘t have this problem.

Thanks and greetings

Hello @Jochen_Albers,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and letting us know of the way your Altair is identified. Sorry about that!

I’m afraid we cannot comment on when the certification for the Auralic Altair G2 will be completed. When it is, it will be immediately displayed on our partner page:

Sorry but this answer isn‘t helpful in any way. It should be possible to say something about the certification! Has it began and how long does it last normally.
Roon is expensive and the service should be better.

Hey @Jochen_Albers,

I’m sorry I couldn’t offer a more satisfactory answer…:sweat:

For a bit more context, certification is a collaboration between two companies and requires testing and technical feedback from both our end and the other company.

If you reach out directly to the manufacturer, they might be able to provide some more details of how certification is going on their end, but on our end the answer here will always be the same - the device will only be certified once it’s ready and passes all the necessary checks.