Roon "refresh display" problems after deleting some tracks [Ticket In]

I’m still wondering how a state like the one shown in this screenshot can happen after I have deleted some tracks of an album inside Roon, i.e., using the “EDIT->DELETE TRACK” feature:

I guess for every track/file deleted Roon is appending a “display copy” of the last track in the album presentation…


  • There is nothing to do when looking at “Settings->Library->Cleanup”. No action left…

  • Simply trying to “refresh” the screen by searching for the current album and setting this album to be the one that is currently displayed will not change anything (album presentation will not be cleaned up)

  • I have to RESTART Roon in order to get things right…

Where is your library stored? I use a NUC running Rock with USB drives connected and do not see this issue when I do exactly what you are doing, are you using a NAS by any chance and the files are being moved to the waste bin and not being fully deleted?

Hi @KPB ---- Thank you for the post and sharing this observation your have made with us. The feedback is greatly appreciated!

Moving forward, I want to make sure that we understand the issue here correctly, as such may I kindly ask you to verify which of the following scenarios is accurately describing the issue being experienced:

  • You attempted to delete the other listings of “Tonight’s The Night” and Roon did not update the display after the deletions had taken place (screenshot #1 in your post). Only a restart of Roon fixed the display (screenshot #2 in your post).
  • Did you delete one of the versions of “Tonight’s The Night” from your Roon library and then the display flipped over to what we see in the first screenshot? A restart of Roon eventually fixed the display (screenshot #2 in your post).

Additionally, I agree with @Ratbert, having some more details about your setup would come in handy here. Please provide the following details:

  • A brief but accurate description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • Have you seen this behavior before or was this the first time noticing it?

  • Are you able to reproduce this at will with other content in your library?


@eric , @Ratbert

I’m running the latest version of Roon, installed on Windows 10/1803, Acer Laptop with 6 GB RAM.
I noticed this kind of Roon behaviour several times ago (with different albums) when I had stored all my music on a QNAP NAS system. This ACER Laptop is used as Roon core as well a Roon client.

At the present time all my music is stored on the LOCAL HARD DISK (512 GB SSD) of my laptop. I’m using the NAS system as a backup only.

The scenario:
I deleted OTHER TRAKCS of the album before seeing the LAST track repeated four times.
It seemed that every deletion of an album track produced MORE copies of the last track to show up.

I did not try to delete one of the multiple last entries, i.e., I did not try to delete a “displayed copy/version” of the last track "“Tonight’s The Night” from my Roon library. I just tried to “refresh” the Ropon album display manually but without success. Of course, there is only ONE VERSION/COPY of the last track on my hard disk so it is a Roon database/display refresh problem only. The file system is completely OK!

As I said before: There is no entry in the “Settings->library->cleanup” menu presented. So nothing to do for me using this kind of cleanup utility. I tried the “rescan album menu item” but also without any success.

Only RESTARTING Roon cleaned up up the album display (screensho #2). So I have a work around for the problem but this work around is cumbersome…

Hello @KPB,

Thanks for providing that information. I believe the next step here would be to take a look at diagnostics to see if they reveal anything. Can I please ask you to reproduce this issue once more and note the exact local time in your country (ex. 4:10PM) that you notice this behavior and then the exact local time that restarting Roon cleans it up? I want QA to take a look “under-the-hood” for any possible causes, so please let me know these timestamps when possible.


Hell @noris,
I could reproduce the problem this morning with the same album:
TIME when pressing the FINAL DELETE BUTTON after having checked the two boxes that ask me if I really want to delete the track: 08:19:00 (UTC+01:00), i.e. 08:19 a.m.
The last track was shown TWO TIMES.

TIME when I restarted Roon: 08:19:30 (ie. 30 seconds after I deleted the item).
Roon cleaned up the database and the last track was presented only once.

Thanks for letting me know that information @KPB. I have enabled diagnostics on your account and am awaiting the report from your machine.

If you do not hear from me within 24hrs with a confirmation that the diagnostics are in, I kindly ask for you to manually send us the logs from that machine using these instructions.


Hi @noris,
to be on the safe site I have created and can provide you with a link to download this file:
LOG-ZIP Download Link.
Just right-click on the file and choose the only option provided: “Herunterladen” which means “Download”.
The link is valid for a week.

Hey @KPB,

Thanks for sending that over, I can confirm diagnostics arrived on our end as well. I will ask the QA team to take a look and will be sure to let you know once it reaches the queue and have some feedback for you.


Just an observation:
It seems as if the problem described with deleting files resulting in a curious display of the last album title will only occur when albums with MORE THAN ONE DISC are concerned…

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Hello @KPB,

Thanks for your report and observations. I had a meeting with the QA team today regarding your case and we would like to take a closer look at your library to see if we can reproduce this behavior.

Can I please ask you to use these instructions and send us your database for analysis? If you do not have Google Drive/Dropbox/other sharing services just let me know and I will provide an alternate upload method.


Hello @noris,
unfortenately I have to revise my observation that only albums with more than one disk are concerned. I recently had some cases where the last title has been doubled in album view after having deleted a track, and it was an album with only one disk.

So, I have created as requested. It is moderate in size, i.e., less than 1 GB.
The upload link will be provided by “WeTransfer”:


A screenshot, just a few minutes ago, after deleting a track from a ONE DISK ALBUM:

It’s always the last track that will be presented several times…

Hello @KPB,

Thanks for submitting your database! I wanted to touch base with some good news, which is that our technical team has been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with our developers.

While I can’t say for certain when this bug will be fixed, getting things reproduced in-house is a critical first step, and I will keep this thread up to date as the team passes along feedback and work begins to get this resolved. Thanks again for the report!

– Noris

Hello @noris,
in addition to the display problem reported that occurs after deleting tracks of an album I noticed another “anomaly” in displaying album tracks but I don’t know if these two problems are related. Anyhow, I wanted to inform you. The album to look for in my database is called “Live 2016/17” by “Dead and Company / Phil Lesh & Friends”:

Hi @KPB,

I don’t believe these two issues are related. What info are the file tags providing you here? You can check this by right-clicking a track -> 3-dot drop down -> View File Info -> File Tags.

– Noris

File tags tell me that Roon has the same track numbers that my file metadata is providing:
track numbers are 6-10, and that’s what Roon is presenting.
However, I’m wondering why I will not see SINGLE tracks numbered 6,7,8,9,10 resp.
Roon does a magic “grouping” of all these tracks below a kind of folder called “2017”.
I guess Roon tries to “interprete” the track names and will separate “2017” as a common component, a prefix…

So I agree with you: both issues are not related. Roon only presents tracks in a way I did not expected but is is NOT a “wrong presentation”… On the contrary: If I reflect on this I must say Roon even delivers a kind of smart/intelligent track presentation…

@KPB - Are those files listed in the folder? If so please provide a screenshot.


The 4 files that Roon groups together under the label “2017” are NOT stored in a folder of their own. They are in the same folder as tracks 1 and 2 (screenshot above).
Roon seems to perform an analysis of the track name, i.e. of the song title. The common prefix “2017” then serves as a pseudo-folder for album presentation.

In January 2019 I got the “good news, which is that our technical team has been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with our developers.”

Now, in March 2020, Roon 1.7 still lacks some basics and the “delete-track/refresh-problem” is still not solved as you can see here (documented with a new screenshot):


Is there really a chance that this problem will be solved in the near future?