Roon regularly stops

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), 16 GB memory, High Sierra 10.13.6
Roon Version 1.6 (build 416) stable (64bit), Serial no 8E231543-CDCA-42CD-8F0A-9C80DC4B6D35

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Rooter Speedport Plus, connects through devolo DLan plus (200AV plus and 550Duo plus) to the streaming device (Linn Select - Ethernet connection), and also to an Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC LP access point (which is the only WiFi point in the house).

Roon core is my portable Mac connected with WiFi to my network.
Linn Select is my main streaming device, connected to the network with Ethernet using the Devolo Dlan 200 AV plus (through the electricity sockets).

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Linn Select DSM, software version 4.70.300 (latest )connected to the network with Ethernet using the Devolo Dlan 200 AV plus (through the electricity sockets).
Music library is mainly on Tidal, and a Synology NAS, connected to the network using ethernet (Devolo AV plus 200)

Amplifier MBL C51

Description Of Issue

Since the beginning of using Roon with my system I experience the same problem: On occasions streaming is stopping, without apparent reason (happens with network wifi speeds ranging from 3 up to 14 mbps, measured). This occurs with Tidal and Synology, rarely happens with radio. I have changed resend delay to 3000ms, nothing happened. I have checked my wifi speeds etc and seem ok. Also noticed that very frequently the counter stops in a place, while music plays. After a period of variable time music stops, on occasions at the end of a song. In order to start again I have to go 2 songs further, or rarely to reboot Roon.

This does not happen when I play directly from my computer using Roon to a bluetooth speaker on the same network.

I tried to install the Roon core to my desktop in order to “bypass” wifi, but failed to do so.

Obviously there is something wrong with my network setup. Using the Linn Kazoo application for streaming music with the same network etc, I had never had any problems.

Since I have limited free time to resolve this very annoying problem, I can not use the Roon capabilities, and I am very sorry for this.

I am sending screens of settings, if this helps

Many thanks

Vassilis Vassilikos

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Hi @VASILEIOS_VASILIKOS — Thanks for reaching out!

I see that you sent this to me as a Private Message. We generally try to keep all support help on the #support section of the site. This allows others who may be experiencing similar problems to find solutions more easily. Would you be okay with me moving this conversation there? If you have a reason to keep things private we understand as well — Just let me know!

Regarding the issue you’re experiencing, since things work fine with System Output, it definitely sounds like there may be some networking issues at play. As noted in our Networking Guide, we generally recommend using Ethernet for your Core machine, network storage, and endpoints whenever possible.

Can you elaborate on the what failed here? I definitely think that testing out with Ethernet is a great step here, so if we could get this up and running to test out how it works that would be a great data point for our troubleshooting.

Dear Dylan
Many thanks for your reply, mine is delayed due to much work. I have moved the Roon Core to an iMac using Ethernet, and the problem stopped!! I now use my laptop as a remote and works fine.
Recently with the same setup, the problem appeared again. I had to move down the playlist for 2 songs, and then played again. Since then I had no problems (although the time I am spending with Roon is not enough).

Many thanks


PS I have no reason to keep the conversation private, I did it by mistake.


Just to confirm, except for the one instance, things are working well for you now that you’re using Ethernet? Have you seen this issue return any more?

Good morning

I am afraid that the problem appears again (once every 2-3 days, not as usual as before). I have noticed that usually it is near the end of the song. Usually I have to to tap the “next song” tap once or twice to start again.

Thanks for the update, @VASILEIOS_VASILIKOS.

So on the new setup using Ethernet, this happens once every couple days, but is much better overall compared to when the Core was connected via WiFi. Can you confirm if the same stops occur on the new Core when using System Output or is it just to the Linn?

Although I do not use the core system output, I have tried that since yesterday and had no drop-outs.
Probably it has to do with Linn

I am afraid that the “hick-ups” are continuing


We have opened up an investigation to this issue with Linn, but do note that investigations such as these may take some time due to the collaboration between our two companies.

I will let you know as soon as we have further news, thanks in advance for your patience here!

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Do you need anything more from me, ie history etc?


Not at this time, but if we need further data for our investigation we will be sure to reach out. Thanks!

Just as a data point, I see this happen multiple times per week. Roon just stops at or very near the end of a track. The pause button is displayed so Roon “thinks” it is still playing. Hitting Pause/Play doesn’t usually help - but next track will move it along and restart playback. My perception is that this is more common with streaming music rather than my local collection, but I think I have seen it with either, and that perception could be more about the mix of local vs streaming music I’ve been listening to.

I have noticed the same thing. I mainly stream my music, also there are specific songs for which this is more common (unless it is because I listen to them more often!)

Dear Dylan
My membership is about to renew, but I am not happy to do that if the specific problem resolves
Any suggestions?


We have reached out to Linn regarding your report and a few other similar ones. We are still investigating this behavior and we hope to have news to share soon. We appreciate your patience while this investigation with Linn is underway!

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