Roon reinstall and roon reset on mac to enable addtional DAC (s)

I am around the bend on this. I have Mac Air I am on Rock version 1.0 build 256, Roon 1.8 with a relic SOtM sms 200 with one USB only output feeding AudioByte DAC. It shows the SMSL SU 10 but when I use a cable to connect, nothing. I can push the buttons, but dramatic warnings if you do. Am connected by Lan only to sms 200, wirelessly to Mac. Also trying to resurrect a NUC install that I very foolishly upp-graayded and kaput. Fix that later ongoing since before Xmas out of energy. 3rd party videos and website instructions can be VERY unclear. Don’t know how much time to get BIOS right. sometime in what’s left of my lifetime (3/4+'s of a100) I might get it Should I push the “Doom” buttons??

@John_Petrakis, I moved this to the Support category, but I am still unclear on what is the configuration you are using for Roon. Can you please fill ou the following information to assist the Roon staff and the Community with ideas on possible resolutions:

Roon Core Machine

Include your operating system and machine info (Model, CPU, RAM)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Your network gear (model of routers/switches) and if on WiFi/Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Specify what devices you’re using and their connection types, like USB/HDMI/Chromecast, etc.

Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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Damn lost. Just wrote for 1/2 hour editing as I went, and was going to put in screenshots where’ed it go???This is just too much for my old brain, hate it. Can you move my info or maybe I can figure out a way to do it .real real tired. got 660.00 invested in NUC set up or I’d Sh*t can all of it too much time. Sorry, not sorry

I figured it out, too tired to finish up, but will this evening

Hey @John_Petrakis,

Ben here with the support team, I wanted to check in on this thread to see how you were doing. I was able to pull up your account and see your running your core on an antipodes, are you still having issues?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

Hi Ben, Somehow my Roon ROCK install GUI and all, as well as reinstall and reset buttons have vanished. Think it’s this Antipodes software (?) bridge(?) ??? seem to be too be various nomenclatures and incorrect info, depending on time of day. (take a good look at Sound by Singers defs on Google, as well as insults to “Boomers”). Now have RooM ROCK ??? and GUI. At least I still have music, but can’t add SMSL DAC on Audio Zone. I’m going to put my attention back to straightening up NUC (600+ investment, screen, keyboard, hub etc. shelled out for at Thanksgiving. I can provide some new screenshots. I have had to forcequit and trash dmgs and download new several times.

Hey @John_Petrakis,

My apologies here, but I’m still not certain about your issue.

If you could share a screenshot of the webUI, that would be helpful indeed!

How is your DAC connected to your core? If you can, I would test out connecting USB as a starting point. :+1:

At this point have a SOtM sMS 200 ripper streamer that came to me in 2016 prepacked with Roon and whatever this Antipodes is.Play this thru a Black Dragon DAC I ripped 13535 tracks which I can access on my Mac. SOtM may have an HD onboard Tidal didn’t exist, so trying to adapt to streaming The SMSL SU10 showed in audio zone for a while but wouldn’t connect and then my Roon Rock Core turned into Room Rock and SMSL disappeared USB cable attached from SOtM produces nothing. I will send screenshots tomorrow

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