Roon reloading my collection. help

My collection of 80,000+ tracks are stored on my Synology NAS.
Roon Core is installed on TransPorter i5.

I used my IP address as my folder path when I set it up because that’s the only way I could get it to work ( Red Box on the image below)

Yesterday I upgraded my Modem and Routers. This changed the IP Address on my Synology. There didn’t seem to be a way to update the Folder path with the new IP, so I added the new path (Green Box)

So now it’s slowly re-importing everything.

Am I going to lose all my history and metadata manual updates? If so, what do I do?
It backed up regularly, so what do I do with that back-up?

Any ideas on how I can get it to recognize my old path even though I have a completely different IP structure now?
I really don’t want to lose all my work and history.

Thank you

Under the red box there is a blue link called “edit this folder”, this allows you to choose the new location for your files, and will maintain your meta-data manual edits.

If you re-import, Roon will treat all the files as new.

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Disable the new one for now, then…Once you edit the old location you should be ok again tho it might rescan everything still.

Or optionally edit your router DHCP range to support your old schema and reserve the same old nas address

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Thank you both for your replies.

My problem is that when I click the blue link to change the location, I can’t figure out how to then browse to the right location. I only know how to manually input the IP address.

I also had the thought to update the IP address to my Synology via my router settings, but the format has changed. Previously it was 10.0.1.___ and I could adjust the last part.
Now it’s 192.168.86.___ and I can adjust the last part.

But it sounds like re-linking my original location is what I need to figure out.

I am curious though, what if I did need to change the actual locations of my files? I do regular backups, so there must be a way. I’m missing something

It should not be an issue to edit the old location to a new location even with a new IP address.

Hi @Ben_Kanspedos,

Roon matches tracks to the Roon database based on the file content (hash of files), not the file location.

Have you already started to edit the old storage location? If you haven’t, you could remove the old location and just keep the new one, and the library should have been matched up to existing entries.

However, if you had both locations enabled at the same time, then Roon would have imported the duplicates as new tracks and they wouldn’t be associated with the old entry.

If you have enabled both storage locations and Roon saw the two copies of music files, I would use one of your backups and repeat the process and ensure that only one of the storage locations is active and make sure Roon doesn’t perform the import twice.

This guide provides more in-depth information:

Rugby, I don’t see a way to directly change the path. When I edit an existing path, I only have the option to Browse. Unlike when I initially set up the folder, I don’t have the option to input the path directly. see:

@noris Great info, thank you.
I just checked, and it looks like my last backup was actually in September. So, if there is a way to keep my latest changes that would be ideal.

I had started to import the new folder location but stopped it (it kept disconnecting, so it was taking forever).
Do I understand correctly that the reason it was importing as new, is because I still had the existing folder enabled? See my screenshot from my original post, there is a message that the drive is unavailable but is that still considered “enabled”?

If I remove the previous drive completely, then re-import it as a new folder, will it keep the modifications and history from my previous collection?

If I do need to use the backup file from Sep that should be fine, but please let me know what you suggest.


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Update: I disabled the old location, then added the new one. Import is bringing in the albums in order of “added date”. So, looks like I’m good.
Thank you!


Golden rule…make sure you have backups schedules and running at least every few days…I cycle mine a max of ten times every 4 days so 40 days cover and I do that to local os drive and to a nas location so there are always options.

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