Roon Remote and ARC on HIBY Android DAP

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Mesh Network

Connected Audio Devices

Many wired and wifi endpoints (Auralic, Bluesound, Naim).
Apple phone and tablet with Remote and ARC.
Chord Mojo2/Poly

All the above are working fine

Trouble is with newly-acquired Hiby RS8 DAP. Unit comes pre-loaded with Android 12 and full access to Google Play Store

Number of Tracks in Library

76,000 tracks (combo of local storage and Qobuz)

Description of Issue

New Hiby RS8 audio player uses Android 12. I downloaded Roon Remote and Roon ARC from Google Play Store onto Hiby. They are both a bit slow and glitchy. They perform most of the expected functions but won’t play music through the Hiby. In particular:

Remote works to control other endpoints on my network. It sees the Hiby as “this phone” in Settings/Audio. But when I try to enable “this phone,” in Settings/Audio, it just churns forever and doesn’t succeed. (When I look at what’s going on via another device on my network, it shows that Roon is trying to enable the Hiby, and even knows that it is a Hiby RS8 that it is trying to enable.)

ARC successfully connects to my Core and lets me navigate my library (albeit slowly). But hangs/crashes when I hit play button on a track (same behavior on locally-stored music and Qobuz library).

I’ve tried re-loading apps, rebooting everything, updating firmware, etc.

I know there are issues around hi-res files on Android devices. But I had thought that Remote and ARC would otherwise function on an Android device the same way they function on my Apple devices.

Thank you.

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Update - I understand from Hiby that they have an update coming out soon that should address the Remote issues. They also said an ARC fix is in the works but a bit further out.

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