Roon remote android, keyboard disappears

@support i am having troubles wirh Roon remote on my LG V30 with Android 8.0.
When i try to search somwthing, the keyboard appears and dissapears immediately. So I can not search anything. I removed the software, rwstarted the phone amd reinstalled it again. Still no keyboard. Please help.

We’re working on support for “full screen mode”, which is what causes these keyboard issues.

For now, you should be able to disable that mode for Roon, and everything should work fine.

Please let us know if that’s not the case, or if you’re having trouble with that. Thanks!

Someone suggested a small icon on the lower left side of the phone. That worked for me. Thanks,

I cannot find where I can disable the full screen mode. Can you give me some direction where to look? I use LG V30 with Anfroid 8.0.0