Roon remote blank screen


I have Roon Core running on a Windows 8.1 laptop and Roon remote on a tablet also on Windows 8.1. It’s setup and running properly last night. I put the Core to sleep and this morning woke the Core but Remote just shows a blank screen. Restart the Remote still blank screen with screen not responding. Then I restarted the Core and the Remote switched from bank screen to connected showing my albums.
Please advice what could be the issue? Do I need to restart Core for Remote to connect?

Hey @kaydee6,

Some of what you’re describing sounds like a known issue with our OpenGL requirement that we’re really hoping Intel fixes soon. You can find more info about that issue here.

Now, that issue generally happens when you minimize the app and then restore the window. That may be what happened here but this sounds different:

That sounds more like a connectivity issue, but I’d like to confirm this isn’t the OpenGL thing first. Can you read over the thread I linked above and let us know whether the description seems similar to what you’re seeing, and if so, whether any of the driver upgrades work for you.

If the issue seems mostly related to disconnecting or reconnecting to the Core, there’s probably something else happening, and we’ll get some more info and take a look.

Thanks @kaydee6 – sorry for the trouble!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick response.
I have read through the thread and it don’t seem to be a similar issue.
The blank screen only happens on the Remote tablet running Windows 8.1. No response on the Remote screen even though I closed and reopen Roon Remote. Only restarting the Core then Remote starts to work.

Ok, I’m going to follow up via PM and get some more information from you @kaydee6 so we can figure out what’s going on here.

Sorry for the inconvenience!