Roon remote can't connect to iMac core sierra

I was using roon with an iMac as a core and was using iPhone and iPad as remotes using the roon app. Everything seems to be working fine initially. I downloaded the new OS sierra onto the iMac a couple of weeks ago and if i remember correctly it worked fine after the initial Os sierra update also. I been busy and haven’t used roon for about a week. Last night I noticed the iMac’s fan came on when it was not in use, it was in sleep mode. Then the fan stopped so i didn’t think much about it. This morning i tried to use roon and my iPhone and iPad won’t connect to the core. The core works fine though. I read some of the support topics here and the roon core is set to use remotes, the firewall is turned off, etc. I opened activity monitor and noticed that “secd” was using 90+% of the cpu. I looks this up on the internet and it had something to do with keychain and others had this same problem after updating to sierra where people were noticing their fans were on when they never were before. So i simply closed the processes that had to do with keychain and that stopped the secd process from using 90% if the cpu. But this still did not correct the problem with roon remote and I still can’t connect. Please help.

A little more info: When I open the apps on the iPhone and iPad it say “Choose your Core” and shows the name of the iMac core and gives the ip address, and says connecting for a few seconds, then say connection failure.

Problem fixed. Restarted router