ROON Remote can't find ROON Core on ROCK from yesterday

Everything looks good. From a browser on the machine that has Roon Remote on it, what happens when you put in that address? You should get ROCK’s GUI.

I have been asking @Basstech to try it from the device’s that are not working, so we can see if they are making it to the Roon server

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When I put IP address I have this:

This is ROCK GUI? The same address I put on Galaxy S7 Tab, Macbook and everything is the same.

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Well at least you can see it which is a good start

Yes, that is exactly what you should see.

Restart the OS and the Roon Software from that screen. Just to see what happens.

Have you had an update on Amplify at all.

Have a look at this thread, which might help with your Galaxy tab, it allows you to put the IP address in.

I guess the OP has already tried everything I have to offer.

If it was only the Remote on one device, I would say to reinstall the app.

A puzzlement.

Yes I think we were both going in the same direction.

I am wondering if multicast is the issue, hence my post to try setting the IP on Android as it bypasses multicast to connect.

Nothing helps.

OK, I’ll try to reinstall RoonOS on ROCK. Should I unplug SSD with music library during installation or leave it? Will RoonOS after reinstall see my music library without formatting disc?

It doesn’t overwrite the music.
You can format or just pull down the latest version. It might not help though

You might want a backup to restore though if you plan to over write it completely.

Did you try the other thread I shared with you?

Yes, I can’t write IP like beacuse when I try it, it back to searching Core.

Try the full IP address as well, both are an option
I was afflicted by this once, it was a nightmare, turned out it was my network settings had changed

Check your router and see if there are any settings for
IGMP Snooping/Proxying settings
That you can either turn on or off

Also have a read of this guide in case anything stands out to you.

SUCCESS :slight_smile:
After reinstall RoonOS everything is fine. THX



Very strange, I have only been advised to do that once by support after another strange problem.
But good news for you

Synchronicity is real. I just had the same problem that restarting software fixed.

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That is also my usual fix, rare that it does not work with Roon.
Looks like something got messed up in Basstech’s case.

I think the reboot of first core and then network is the right starting point, and then escalate from there

I have gotten in the habit of rebooting everything once a week or so. Has gone far to keep some of these issues at bay.

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