Roon Remote can't See CoreAudio on Mac

Problem found & solved - Somehow the “private zone” switch had gotten turned on and I didn’t notice it. Once I turned that off, the Roon Remote began working normally again.

But I still have the “noise and dropouts” issue going on and I don’t know why. I’m maxed out on buffering. Any other ideas?

My next try will be to use a different DAC and see if that changes anything.

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Whew, that was a long journey.

But it isn’t over yet - Although I’m back to a working Roon Remote app, I’m still dealing with what sounds like static and occasional audio dropouts on playback. I’ve already bumped up Roon’s cache to 500ms. Should I try more?

Hello @Glenn_Young, are you only experiencing the dropouts on this DAC? Do you have issues playing to system output of your remotes?

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