Roon Remote/Client App freezes

Roon Core Machine


The freeze in Roon Remote/Client App on my '19 MacBook Pro running Monterey. The same things happened in Big Sur. Its been happening for a while now.

IOS control/Remote app works fine on iPhone and iPad.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My MacBook is accessing via Wifi from Xfinity Cable modem.

Connected Audio Devices

No audio devices are connected to my Mac.

Cable modem>opticalmodule>etheregen>etheregen (both connected to Mutec ref10 SE120 clock)>Nucleus+>Linn DSM

Number of Tracks in Library

Settings>Storage says ‘37452 tracks imported.’ I would guess that doesn’t include all of the Tidal and Qobuz streamed tracks I have added to the library.

Description of Issue

Whenever I try to launch the Roon Remote app on my MacBook Pro it churns for a couple seconds and then the ‘beach ball of death’ appears. The Force Quit Window shows ‘not responding’ next to Roon. I tried downloading a fresh copy and replacing the old but it still freezes.

Did I understand it correctly, the core is not wired, but on the usually not so stable WLAN?

Sorry. No. It is connected to a wired network.

The only things that access my Roon Core via wireless are the control/remote apps. They work fine on iPhone and iPad. On my Mac laptop, the app freezes.

Hey @Michael_Faoro,

We’re so sorry to hear that there’s difficulty in using your Mac as a remote with Roon…we’re just as sorry that we didn’t get to this thread until today :pleading_face:

I was wondering, is this issue ongoing? Has anything changed in the past month?

Thanks for checking in. Yes, the issue has been resolved.

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That’s fabulous to hear! Thanks for the update :pray:

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