Roon remote crashes after update 880

Hey @Wilfrid_Russodivito,

It’s so unfortunate that this is the result of updating Roon on your system. We’re so sorry :pleading_face:

Even if you haven’t seen the exact error message (There was an issue loading your database), the symptoms you’re describing point to a database corruption. Would you please give this a read?

Hi Rebeka,

I didin’t have Database corruption but only crashes when i launch the remote.
What can i do ?



Hey @Wilfrid_Russodivito,

That’s great news!

Could you please:

  • uninstall Roon on the remote
  • restart the remote
  • reinstall Roon on the remote
  • launch Roon

Thanks :pray:

Done this 8 times, same result. I restore a backup and i keep you inform.

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I restore a recent backup and Roon find no albums… and always no PS AUDIO PWD and Force a rescan do nothing.

Hey @Wilfrid_Russodivito,

As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, no library and no audio devices is a sign of corruption.

Would you please try these steps?

Looks like you may be suffering the same issue as this Update to Roon 1.8 Build 880 corrupts my Roon Core database

Hi Rebeka,
Here the result of steps :

Same result…

I’m very enough of this situation, do something asap.


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Hi Simon,

What have you done to resolve the problem ?

The steps of Rebeka doesn’t do anything.



I have tried restoring all of my Backups, unfortunately none restore and operate.
I have tried my backup ROCK server (a spare NUC for resilience!), which had a Roon Core restored about a year ago, but this suffers the same database corruption.

Something is very wrong here - my Roon system was working just fine in terms of playback, library management, device management. There was nothing to suggest that the underlying database was suffering any form of corruption. If it is was, it would of manifest in some way during the 6 years of daily usage and all day/evening/weekend usage since Build 30, the last time I had to start afresh.

My understanding is that I have to start rebuilding again. With a week to Christmas Eve there is no way I am going to have my Roon library back in the way I had it for the Christmas period. So not happy at all.

I have fallen off the very top of the “Ladder of Loyality” with Roon.
You can’t to speak to anyone at Roon regarding this serious problem
There are no tools provided to recover your library.
No assistance in scanning, trying to fix the corrupted library
No rollback with the release or regression path, in the short-term
No understanding of the impact of losing your personalised library
And at Christmas time. Worst Christmas present ever.
Unfortunately Roon has just lost an advocate of their solution & approach

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I’m agree with you Simon, it’s the third time i lost evrything and i have 32000 albums and 450 000 flacs and a lot of playlists…

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I have same problem…

Add images

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Bonjour Jean-Claude,
Avez-vous fait leur manip pour restaurer ?

Hi Guys,

This is the email of the CEO Roon : good luck

Sorry for the loss of your Roon Core database

Thanks. I’ve sent an email.

Oui la manip ne fonctionne pas, j’ai du essayer dix fois… et je ne suis pas le seul dans ce cas… Il y a un bug majeur dans leur mise à jour.

Comme d’hab chez Roon, ca fait 3 fois que je perds tout, le produit est super mais c’est des incapable et pas du tout professionnel. Ils ne testent aucune mise à jour et attendent que cela soit les utilisateurs qui ont payés cher le logiciel pour faire le support…

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Hey @Wilfrid_Russodivito (and all),

I wanted to point you to the latest update on this issue on the consolidated thread:

We will post all future updates here :arrow_up:

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