Roon remote does not occupied the whole screen on iPad

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Rock, version 1.0 build 183, Roon server version 1.7 build 505

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Gigabyte LAN

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue

I encountered a few time when launching Roon remote resulted in not occupying the whole screen. The TOP menu is not accessible at all. I’ve close the app and re-launch again. iPad Air 2, iOS 13.2.3. See below.

Hi @MusicFidelity,

Are you running the iPad Air 2 in portrait mode? Are you running this with any 3-rd party extensions?
I ask because as far as I know portrait mode is only supported on the iPad Pro. Does force-quitting the Roon app and opening it again trigger any change in behavior?


For what it is worth, I regularly experience this issue with my iPad Pro 11 inch model. I typically keep my iPad locked in portrait mode, and it flips to landscape mode when I open the Roon app. I have observed this issue with version 1.6 and version 1.7. In Roon 1.6, it seemed that I could force quit the Roon app to fix the issue. Lately, it seems that I need to reboot my iPad to restore normal behavior. I am currently running iPadOS 13.2.3.

MacMini 2012 with Roon Core 1.7 Build 505
Gigabit Ethernet LAN / Eero Pro WiFi mesh network (wired backhaul)
KEF LS50 Wireless

I set my iPad to auto rotate, quitting the app does help and return to normal. I don’t have any third party extensions installed.

Hi @MusicFidelity,

Thanks for providing that additional info, can you confirm that you usually keep your iPad locked in portrait mode as well?

@JMP - Thanks for the additional data point!

Nope, I always set to auto rotate mode. Thanks

Hi @MusicFidelity/@JMP ,

I would like to take a look at diagnostics from your iPads when this issue occurs. Can I please ask you to reproduce and let me know the exact local time + date you next see this behavior occur? Afterwards I can enable diagnostics mode for your accounts and see if there is any additional info in the iPad logs.

Will do - should happen sometime tonight or tomorrow AM, as that is when I do most of my listening.

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Ok, it happened at 9:59 EST on my iPad 11. Interestingly, it wasn’t happening and then I remembered that I recently toggled Keep Screen Awake setting off. I set that back on and then 5 or so minutes later it happened. Force quitting the Roon app does not resolve the issue. See screenshot.

The Keep Screen Awake setting is a red herring. It just occurred again this morning at 6:59AM EST. I believe it is occurring after an initial force quit of the Roon app.

Hi Jason (@JMP),

Thanks for letting me know those timestamps, I have gone ahead and activated diagnostics for your account and what this action does is automatically upload a set of logs to our servers for analysis next time the iPad is online. Once these are received, I will be passing them on to QA for closer inspection.

@MusicFidelity - If you can please let me know some timestamps as well, that might help identify any patterns to this issue.


Hi Jason (@JMP),

I appreciate your patience while this reached the queue.

I spoke to QA regarding this behavior and they have been unable to reproduce on their end, starting Roon locked in portrait mode or landscape mode worked as expected on their end.

We do have some changes coming in the future with regard to Roon Remotes and portrait/landscape mode that may help with this issue, but I can’t comment on an exact timeline.

Noris - I am able to reproduce the bug as follows, using iPad Pro 11inch with latest iPadOS:

  1. Set rotation lock on, while in portrait mode.
  2. Open Roon app
  3. Force quit Roon app
  4. Open Roon app - it will open as appears in OP

To restore the screen:

  1. Force quit Roon app
  2. Turn off rotation lock
  3. Orient iPad in landscape mode
  4. Open Roon app

Hi @JMP,

Thanks for letting me know those steps, I was unable to reproduce on an iPad Air on my end, I have inquired if QA can reproduce using these steps and if they have an iPad Pro in the lab.

May be I’ve to get to use to this bug… Just close and launch again😟! Average encounter probably a few times per week😟

Hi @MusicFidelity,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. I got some feedback from QA and they have unfortunately been unable to reproduce using those steps.

They are using an older iOS version and can’t upgrade to iOS 13 due to hardware limitations and I was using iOS 12 as well, I believe this issue might have been introduced in iOS 13 since we can’t repro in-house on iOS 12.

We do have some work planned in the Roon Remote in the future, but I can’t specify an exact timeline for this work. I’m hoping that when the Roon Remote re-design is complete it will help in this case as well.

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