Roon Remote is unable to access Roon Nucleus Core

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus, purchased 1 week ago
4TB SSD drive formatted, with no music files on it yet

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway
Nucleus is LAN wire connected to router, I’ve tried multiple cables

Connected Audio Devices

Nothing is connected to Nucleus but the router. I have a router extender with LAN cable connected to streaming DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

Not sure how many tracks. I have a NAS library of about 3000 discs. I use Tidal and Qobuz and many albums are marked as favorites

Description of Issue

I was operating normally for a few days, and Roon Remote seemed to lose its connection. I restarted the server, and now Roon Remote cannot see Nucleus in the network.

I went through some iterations of restarting the server, and rebooting my router. The result is the same every time. Nucleus display shows the Roon OS version, and reports that it’s running on I’m able to access the Nucleus webpage at that address.

The section for Networking is blank. The Database status shows unavailable.

When I try to access Roon Core with Roon Remote, it cannot find any Cores on the network.

I used to use an iMac for my Core, which I successfully ■■■■ down and activated on the Nucleus before the issues started.

Hi Kenneth,

If you could post a pic of the Web UI showing the networking and database sections, that would be a help to them.

Try reinstalling the Operating System using the button on the Web Administration page. If that doesn’t work, then it looks as though your m.2 SSD is the problem, and it will need replacing.

Did you purchase the Nucleus direct from Roon, or from a dealer?

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I purchased the Nucleus from Moon Audio.

I just reinstalled the OS, and I have the same statuses displaying on the web UI.

Right, so the m.2 SSD needs replacing. The Nucleus is under warranty, so you should return it to Moon Audio for repair or replacement. Sorry for the inconvenience here - it’s not a happy experience to have a Nucleus fail.

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Thanks for getting me to that resolution efficiently, I appreciate it. I’ll contact Moon for an RMA, or whatever their process is. Thanks again.


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