Roon remote not responding on Asus laptop (win 10 pro) [Duplicate post - closed]

hi ;
roon is not responding on wired win 10 pro.
does work fine on wired win 7 pro android tables , and phones fine .
just started , or stopped working on win 10 pro.
roon has been working fine on all until just now , so it is a roon problem , that roon may not work on say win 10 pro, or an update problem , and i shouldn’t have to keep changing my system to suit roon
life time user.
i have turn rock core off re started , restarted win 10 pro.

Hi @paul_osullivan ---- Thank you for the PM and sharing your feedback with us. Sorry to hear of the troubles. Typically, we try to handle any support related questions on the “support” thread of the community site so other user have access to any information or troubleshooting tips being shared, should they provide useful. Would you mind if I made this a public topic?

Additionally, may I kindly also ask you to please define what the exact issue is a bit more clearly. When you say that the Win10 device is not responding, what exactly is being experienced? Also, has the device taken a Win10 update recently? These have been known to cause issues in the past.


Hi eric

Thanks ; I am fine with making public .


  • Can not open roon remote on asus laptop win 10 pro. (This has not been a problem lately)
  • Laptop which roon will not respond / freeze .
  • Asus intel R core TM i7-7700HQ 7th GEN @2.80GHz
  • 24 G RAM window 10 PRO nvida geforce GTX 1060 card
  • Last updates – win 10 ver 1803 (kb4100347) installed on 15th /10/2018
  • Win 10 Update for adobe flash player (KB 4462930) installed on 12th/10/2018
  • Cumulative update for win 10 (KB 4462919) installed on 12th /10/2018
  • Have checked firewall, rebooted both NUC and laptop .

Setup details

  • Roon server is on a NUC7i7 BNH with ssd and heaps of ram nothing else on NUC
  • Music files are on a hp proliant mirco-server.
  • Laptop is wired/ lan to HP 1420-24g switch
  • Router ASUS RTac870
  • Wireless is CISCO meraki MR 33 wired( lan to switch)
  • All end points are wired (lan)

Other remotes without issue:

  • Can open roon remote on old asus laptop win 7 pro.
  • Can open on hp decktop win 10 home
  • Can open on an assortment of android phones and tablets up 5 years old.


Hi @paul_osullivan ---- Thanks for getting in touch with me! I have made your PM a public topic so we can continue to troubleshoot this behavior you are experiencing with the mentioned Roon remote (Asus laptop w/Win10 Pro).

Continuing forward, may I very kindly ask you to please verify the following information for me:

  • Since noticing this behavior have you tried reinstalling Roon on this device?

  • You mentioned the following in your response to me:

    "Laptop which Roon will not respond / freeze "

    • Just to make sure we are on the same page here. I understand that the application is not launching on the laptop but is the device also freezing as well? To be more specific, was Roon freezing when the the application was able to be launched OR is the device freezing outside of Roon?
  • Was this issue occurring before the mentioned updates or was the device performing as expected? As mentioned I have seen cases in the past were automated Win10 updates have caused issues so I am trying to understand the “timeline” of events leading up to the problem currently being experienced.