Roon remote not working FiiO X7 MKI DAP

Roon Core Machine

Running ROCK
intel i7-7770hq
16gb ram

I know this is not the issue

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Irrelevant as not part of the issue

Connected Audio Devices

Problem is with a FiiO X7 DAP/DAC. In android mode.

Number of Tracks in Library

2005 Tracks

Description of Issue

To clarify this is for Roon remote.

I have downloaded the APK from the official Roon website. I am not using Play store as I do not want to sign in and activate GAPPS on my DAP.

Upon opening the app, I can see the “Roon” logo for maybe 5 seconds, then the app crashes.
I have tried reinstalling and rebooting with no luck.

The FiiO is running Android 5.1.1 which should be compatible…

Also: A bit irrelevant, but for a premium service, having forum-type support is a bit of an odd choice…

This thread, from November 19, indicates that the issue may be related to OperGL. According to this KB article, an Android device must support OpenGL ES 3.0 to run Roon.

Thanks for the info. That does make sense now.

Someone mentioned using an older version of the app, would that work? If so, where can I find previous APKs? I’d hate to have to upgrade my DAP just because of Roon… but I was really hoping to be able to use it instead.

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You can’t use older versions of the app once out older ones no longer available as code changes a lot under the hood to deal with back end changes to servers etc. So they won’t work. Your out of luck, sorry.

Thanks for confirming.
Is it a common thing for Roon to update things to the point where old hardware is obsolete?

I would hate to buy a new DAP only to have it stop working with Roon within 2 years…

No but things move on. Roon has a heavy graphical interface that’s rendered much like a game engine than a regular app so in this regard kit has to be able to deal with this. There will always be minimum specs to run it and this will change as and when Roon seems it necessary to achieve what they want. Some versions of os will be dropped as well you can’t support everything forever it’s not practical and holds things back.

DAPS are a funny thing and you take your risk buying any, they are generally on older os and not powerhouses like modern phones. I would not buy a DAP with purpose of running Roon on it as you will be disappointed as it does not respect what they do to bypass Androids audio limitations. it will resample to a fixed rate that Android tells it, so it won’t utilise the DAC to its full potential.

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