Roon Remote not working - No audio device found [Solved]

I’m running a Roon core on a Mac mini running High Sierra. I also have Roon remote installed on my most up to date iPhone 7. I have a Schiit Gungnir MB connected to that Mac mini. Normally the remote works great… I use my phone to navigate my library and play music to my hearts content while never having to look at a monitor. Now, all of the sudden, I’m having problems doing that.

Just to be clear, I have NO problem playing music using the Roon app on the Mac mini through my Gungnir. I’m able to select audio device and all is great. It’s when I use my remote that I have trouble. I’m seeing the Gungnir listed as a device that’s connect to the core, but at the bottom of the remote I’m seeing that no audio device is found. I try to touch the “Manage Audio Devices” button but nothing happens. This is beyond frustrating.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Update - Looks like this problem isn’t limited to the iOS remote. I’m trying to control the core from my Mac laptop now and I’m getting the same exact problem. I see the Core and the Gungnir that’s hooked up to it in in my Roon Audio Settings. It’s enabled. But when I play music and try to output it to my Gungnir, it’s saying that no audio device is connected. It’s a real bummer. This is my main reason for using Roon.

I’m an idiot. I fixed the problem. Sorry Roon!
My Private Zone option was ticked on by mistake.


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