Roon Remote on Chromebook Pro Android cannot find Roon Rock Core

(SoundsGood) #1

Worked intermittently but not now - Roon Remote android app on Samsung Chromebook Pro says “Looking for your Roon Core”. It did work for a few days but now nothing. Did the usual reboot of everything - router, switches, Roon Rock, Chromebook, uninstall/reinstall Roon app. My Windows desktop and laptop both connect via WiFi and Ethernet but not the Chromebook. Tried WiFi on two different routers and direct on Ethernet but no connection to ROCK.

Here’s the set up:
Samsung Chromebook Pro(XES10C24) running Google Playstore with Google Chrome V 71.0.3578.94, 64bit
Roon Rock wired - OS v 1.0 build 159
Roon Server V 1.5 build 363
Same IP network on all devices - 192.168.1.****
Same netmask on all devices -
Router (ATT Uverse)>Switch(Netgear Prosafe GS108)>Roon Rock NUC
Wireless Access Point: Linksys WAP300n 5Ghz to provide WiFI signal to Chromebook in sound room

Read through Roon troubleshooting guide but where you suggest “settings/general/accept connections from remotes” my Roon Rock does not have that selection available.

(Derek Wyman) #2

Android app on chrome is not officially supported. Mine works pretty well atm but can be flaky. If it can’t find the core I can *sometimes hit help and type in the address of the core and it will connect.

I also find *sometimes opening up the rock page and hitting save (faking a change to update) will encourage the app to connect.

(Noris) #3

Hello @Frank_Palm,

Is the behavior the same if you try to connect the Chromebook over Ethernet to the Router? I am not sure if that router has an option for IGMP Snooping or IGMP Proxying but those have helped in the past with Core discovery.


(SoundsGood) #5


I tried Ethernet and WiFi with the exact same result - cannot find roon core.
I do not see the option for IGMP on my router.
The 'SAVE" botton at the bottom of the Rock page was successful.
I just bought another Chromebook with Google Play android app enabled so I wish roon can get the remote app to be truly compatible.

(Mike) #6

Hey Frank – last time we looked at this, Chromebooks did not work with our discovery protocols, so I’m a bit surprised this works at all.

We are going to need to look at this again, because we haven’t done any testing in-house on Chromebooks, and our QA team does not have any of these devices in-house.

If this is working intermittently, we may be able to figure out what’s going on and support these devices, but I can’t make any commitments here – up until recently these devices did not work with Roon, and were considered unsupported.

I am going to look into this a bit more, but I don’t think I will have an answer on this overnight. Sorry I don’t have a better answer here.

(Derek Wyman) #7

Mike, If it helps, when i was running roon on windows, flipping the allow remote connections switch off then on made the app on my Chromebook connected immediately 100% of the time.

Now I’m running rock and don’t have the setting to toggle but it seems that hitting the save button does something similar to allow the connection.

(SoundsGood) #8

The connection to the core is very intermittent. Trying to enter the IP or hitting the SAVE button on the Roon Rock page works somethimes. Last night I could not connect at all. But…when it does connect it is very responsive and robust. These newer Chromebooks with Google Play and Android app enabled are a real contender to Windows devices. You guys are smart, I’m sure you can figure it out and add another platform to your repertoire. I just ordered another Chormebook so let me know if I can help.

(SoundsGood) #9

I cannot find the “allow remote connections” switch under my settings?

(Derek Wyman) #10

Doesn’t exist on rock. Is under setup on a roon core running on windows.

(Mike) #11

Yup, that is interesting. I’ve opened a ticket to look at this. Won’t happen immediately, but we’ll look at this.

Thank you!

(Jorge) #12

After the last Chrome OS update, Roon Remote works on a Pixelbook, Samsung CB Plus and an Acer Chromebox. Hopefully, it keeps working.

(SoundsGood) #13

@ Support …Tonight I tried my new Acer Chromebook Spin and my Samsung Chromebook Pro without success in connecting to roon core. My old Windows laptop had no problem finding the core.
Sure hope Roon Labs can resolve this.