Roon Remote on iPad no longer connecting to core

Roon Core Machine

Sonictransporter i5 (GEN 3) with 2 TB internal SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin media hub 3 router
Connected by ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Nothing else is connected to the Sonictransporter i5 apart from the ethernet cable and power supply.
i use an iPad Pro Second generation for the Roon Remote.
I have a Sonore OpticalModule connected by Ethernet and fibre-optic to Sonore OpticalRendu
Mytek Brooklyn DAC connected by USB

Number of Tracks in Library

I have 19645 tracks in the library

Description of Issue

After installing The latest Roon core software update via the iPad Pro Roon Remote (1.8 (build 903) stable) this morning, I can no longer connect to my Roon core with the Roon Remote on my iPad.
On the Roon Remote app it just continually searches for my core.

Nothing has changed in my set up since I updated this morning. All the connections are still connected, and the Sonictransporter is still connected, switched on and available on the sonicorbiter web interface.
I have tried deleting the Room Remote app on my iPad and reinstalling it, but still the problem persists.

This problem only started straight after the latest update was installed 1.8 (903).

Please help, thank you

I have just downloaded Roon on my Mac mini to see if that Connects as a remote as a test, but that can’t connect to the core as a remote either.
So whatever has happened, Happened after the latest Roon core update, and two different remotes cannot connect anymore.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Okay I managed to find a similar problem on the Internet after a long search.
Uninstalling the Roon core app on the sonictransporter and reinstalling it got it reconnected, then I restored from back up and everything seems to be working now hopefully.
Just in case someone actually reads this with the same problem

Hi, I also had this problem on a device running Sonicorbiter. I managed to solve it by going into settings on the Sonicorbiter. On that page, goto RoonServer and check or uncheck the setting for local playback. After saving, I got my device running again. This way, you will not have to restore a backup.

Thank you for the advice mate.
I will try that next time, if it happens again, but hopefully not.
I had already deleted and reinstalled it, but luckily only one album needed to be tidied up because I had quite a recent back up thankfully.
Anyway thanks for your reply

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