Roon Remote on Mac?

I am running Roon Core on a Mac laptop dedicated to serving up music to my NAD C368 through its BluOS card. I work mainly on another Mac laptop. While I can use the Roon app on an iPad or smartphone to control playback, I was wondering if there was a way to run the Roon app on my main Mac laptop so that I can control things from there (and not to serve up any additional music).


There is no lightweight Roon Remote for Mac OS; but you can install the Roon app for Mac OS and connect to the Core running on your secondary laptop. I use my MacBook with Roon App to control my core running on a dedicated media PC.

Hi @Andreas_Philipp1,

Yes, as noted above you can just note install the Roon app on the Mac and instead of using it as a Core you can select the existing Core on the other Mac to connect to. This will allow you to use it as a remote.

Thanks Dylan, that’s what I am doing for now.

Works great. Thank you!

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