Roon Remote settings

Trying to get this post in before my internet drops again.
In the UK I’m using a BT router. At present my broadband is not working correctly and keeps dropping out and losing connection with my Nucleus.
I’m trying to access Remote devices in settings, but its no longer listed.

Can I run my Roon Core using my phones 4G while my broadband is down.



The Broadband came back briefly and connected to my Nucleus. Music played as normal. The broadband dropped again, but the music kept playing, and still is. Whats going on please?

If you’re playing files from your local music library that should continue to work without the internet connection. At least until Roon on your device needs to sync up with the Roon servers.

Thanks Mike…My files are stored on a SSD on the Nucleus. When connected to the internet I can add numerous amounts of albums to the queue, then when the connection drops, the files continue to play.

When the internet drops I obviously can’t control playback, stop, pause, skip tracks etc…I’m using my Mac, iPad and Android phone to control the Nucleus.

I’ve been able to continue playback of my local files and control the Roon functions with my windows 10 wired remote when the internet is down. Your internal network should continue to function. During an extended power outage, 2 - 4 hour rolling blackouts, I discovered the IPAD remote does not work when the internet is down but the android and windows 10 remotes do continue to work. I have UPS backups for the electronics/entertainment systems and a backup generator for the entire property but that doesn’t do any good if the cable provider goes dark.


Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your help Mike.

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