Roon Remote (Tablet) loses browse position every time the tablet powersaves or is stopped

Roon Core and Remote 1.3 Build 262, Windows 64 Bit, Ipad mini (new). When using the Pad as my Roon controller it is Very frustrating that every time it powers down (timeout) to save power, when it comes back up it will retain the album that was currently selected and playing - but trying to go back to the higher level browsing view allways takes you back to the beginning (starting point). If you are working your way through the “album” view, this means you must rescan every time to get back into the albums you were working with. For now my only solution is to disable any power save and set the tablet to always be on unless I manually turn it off. Just downloaded the 262 build of the remote so other issues with it will need to be retested. Your documentation on what is needed about updating the Remote App is really weak - when going to info on the version on the tablet, it gives no indication that there is an update needed or available and I see no way to configure this. When I go to the Change Log from the tablet there is NOTHING to indication what the current released version should be - this really should not be confusing.

Hey @Alfred_Linthicum – thanks for the feedback here.

You should be able to jump around Roon’s library views using the “AlphaNav” feature in the lower-right:

The “View All” pages you see when browsing TIDAL or Search Results will reset, and that’s something we’d like to improve in the future.

I don’t have a timeline on when that might happen since it’s not quite as easy as it might seem – in some cases the app might need to be tracking the state of hundreds (or even thousands) of different views, and to do this right we’d need to make sure everything continues to perform well. There’s a Feature Request about this I encourage you to chime in on.

On Windows, macOS, and Linux we handle updates and they should require a single click on the “Update All” popup. On Android and iOS, updates are handled via the respective app stores, so you’ll need to visit the store to get the latest version of Roon.

The change log link should send you to the release notes section of this site, with the latest release notes pinned to the top – are you seeing otherwise?

The Alpha Nav still makes me find and select the place I started from in the first place each time - if the tablet is set to power save every 5 mninute then about once a track it loses my browsing location in the main library(Core). If you can remember what album was playing and the selection then surely you could checkpoint the Core browse point that it was selected from. You could have 1000’s of any of these instances in a large install (mine is 1 core and 1 remote and is unlikely to ever get bigger)

When going to the Release Notes / Latest, it lists the release and build that is current but gives NO indication if it applies to the Remote release. Since this is supposed to be the release notes for the Remote, you could at least clarify that the release level is also for the Remote, not just the Core. I finally updated my Remote on my tablet today - it did NOT show up as an available update on the IOS app updates when I updated the Roon Core. If does now.

There are exceptions in some cases, but in most cases updates are released for all platforms at once – Remotes and Cores, Mac, PC, etc.

The only real distinction is iOS, which is usually a few days behind due to Apple’s approval process.

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That explains why I didn’t pickup the Remote Update. I checked on my tablet as soon as I updated the Roon Core and no update was shown. I didn’t look again until yesterday. Thanks