Roon remote won't connect to Roon Core

Roon Core running Roon Server v1.7 on Windows 10 Acer laptop, 64-bit, Intel P6100 2GHz, 6 GB RAM.

Roon Remotes: Windows Surface Pro 6, Samsung S9

I’ve tried, router reboot, multiple reboot on Core and remote devices. The remotes can see that there is a core, but can’t connect. All I get is the twirling Roon symbol center screen - even after an hour, nothing, no error message, just twirling. I also tried uninstall and reinstall Roon Core - no change. Just started happening today.

Any thoughts?

Hi Diego,

Welcome to the Roon community.

I’ve moved the thread to Support. Someone will be along to help.

Just a question, are you running Antivirus or Firewall software? Try disabling it temporarily to see if that helps. You want to allow Roon (and/or Roon Server) and RAATServer through.

Cheers, Greg

Yes, I’ll give it a try

Scratch that. No virus protection running, only Windows Defender.

firewalls on any of your core or remotes should be off to trouble shoot this. Also if you have an VPN software running drop this too as it can cause issues.

Hello @Diego_Estan1, the machine you’re listing (the Acer) isn’t quite up to our system requirements, I’d recommend switching over to the Surface Pro as the core and see if that runs smoother.

If you want to continue with the Acer, I would recommend running Roon All-in-one and seeing if that functions without remotes connected.

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