Roon remote works on Chromebook!

Hi. I am a happy Roon user who uses Roon remote mostly on a Windows laptop or iPad. I’ve tried Roon on a (Acer) Chromebook but that wasn’t succesfull. Couldn’t find the Roon server (on my NUC). This was weeks ago so it was in the ‘old days’ with Roon 1.7. After a long time I grabbed my Chromebook yesterday and updated (via Playstore) Roon remote. I started Roon aftter the update and … it worked! I’ve tried it a couple of times and it is working stable. Is this a new Roon 1.8 feature?

Hi Jeroen (fellow Dutchman, I presume? :slightly_smiling_face:). I already had Roon Remote 1.7 working on my Samsung Chromebook 2, but I had to manually enter the IP address. With 1.8 it seems to work ‘out of the box’. However, the menu is not displayed, so it is not all good. Nice to have it working though, on a platform that is not officially supported.

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Hello - I just tried ROON on an ACER Chromebox.
I can open the app and it connects to the Roon Core and shows the “HOME” screen with my content. But when I “click” any buttons - nothing happens.

I don’t have a touch screen with the Chromebox. Might that be the issue?

Hi, I am not an expert on Chrome, but it might be the difference between the a Chromebook and a Chromebox? I can navigate in Roon on my Chromebook via the ‘mouse pad’.


The Chromebox uses an external screen, keyboard and mouse. The screen can be a touch screen or not (same as having a Chromebook with touch screen or not).

But you mention that you can operate ROON via the touchpad (i.e. you move the arrow on the screen around and click to select an action button). On a Chromebox it should then work with the mouse.

Success. I tried again today, just for the hell of it and it works. :slight_smile:

Question: For me it operates only in full screen mode. Same for you?

Question: For me it operates only in full screen mode. Same for you?
Answer: Yes, same here.

Chromebook would be fantastic as a “Roon Display” too.

I wonder, is there a way to configure to auto-on when Roon is playing and “auto-off” when nothing is playing on the screen?

Are there any Chromebook owners here who have tested this?