Roon replacment of user provided artist image

When I encounter an artist with no image in Roon (quite often) and I happen to be at my PC I’ll make a point of finding an image I’m happy with and will work in Roon and import it. This was the case with Terra Naomi yesterday, only to find Roon had subsequently replaced the image with one it had sourced.

Is this normal behaviour because I don’t want to waste my time sourcing images only to have them auto replaced? According to Roon there are 8897 artists (performers?) without artwork attached - some have been this way for years…so where do I expend effort?

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Not in my experience; artist edits should be untouched I thought.

In finding examples in my library, I came across a Roon image that had now appeared in the artist edit profile that I thought may look better than mine. So i clicked to use that in order to see it large. No, I prefer my own I thought, let’s revert - oops, I have now lost my imported image! Fortunately an overnight backup was at hand.

I think once I have provided an image of my own, Roon shouldn’t lose it.
Did you lose yours?

Yip. The circumstances under which it was lost is as follows:

  • prior to my adding albums by the artist to Roon there was only a single track on a (unidentified) compilation album by that artist.
  • Roon had no write-up and it had no picture.
  • I used Google to source a suitable image and added it to Roon

All good, until a few hours later I was browsing the artist’s abums within Roon only to find:

  • the artist how had a Roon added image (which isn’t the one Tivo has), but remains without biography (as does Tivo/allmusic)

Since Roon and user provided imagery sometimes clash I made it a habit to save and keep artist pictures on disk, like:


Roon Artist Pictures
... Performers
    ... Individuals
        ... A 
        ... Я
   ... Groups

... Composers
    ... A


Then I’ll import from this shadow library into Roon without having to fear I loose something
(and also having images at hand should I decide to move on…).

Just a shot in the dark… you don’t now have two artists with the same name?

Nope, not on this occasion

I’ve thought of doing the same, but it’s a lot of work and shouldn’t be necessary. What Roon should provide is the ability to export all user contributed artist images to a designated folder, naming the files appropriately. That way we’re not crippled by a database corruption in the event of not having a backup.

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Very good. I wish I had done that now. But at first, one thinks it will only be a few items, and then…

One gets used to it quite quickly - at least I did. :wink:

And: everything metadata seems to be a lot of work, so no surprise here …

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Agreed, but in this case completely avoidable if Roon simply allows us to export the artwork we individually contributed.

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I think there are switches for preferring roon, user provided or “best” the only one that keeps images is user provided. Best will be overwritten by roon.

From the settings, this switch is for Album artwork (i.e. covers). It may be implied that this switch also covers Artist images, but it’s not explicitly stated as such. My suspicion is that it does also hold true for Artist images, but it would be nice to have some clarity from the Roonies on this.

Ah I’d forgotten that was for album. My mistake, possibly…

@dylan, could you shed some light for us here?

Hi everyone,

Please see my post here about this: