Roon reporting 'Error Loading Page'

Is it just me or is anyone else getting this in the UK? Its happening on all devices, Qobuz area is having trouble loading, Qobuz playlists can’t load either? I’ve got 70Gb infinity connection and wireless is performing as usual?

*Edit: Qobuz apps are fine, content loading fast?

Not the only one, I had some issues earlier. I had to do a reboot to get rid of it.

Here also… :blush: Qobuz Playlists Missing

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I get the message popping up very infrequently, and only for just a second or so.
Roon continues to work without any issues after the message disappearing.

Started seeing a message block like that yesterday and again this morning. It’s only a brief flash when the remote starts or wakes up in my case and wasn’t there long enough to read the text.

This morning it was 2 quick flashes, guessing one for Tidal and 1 for Qobuz, but no there long enough to read either one.

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OK - just checked and the Qobuz area is loading fast, no errors, all playlists seem to be displayed properly how’s things for everyone else? (By the way Roon - scrolling up and down through the playlists available in the Qobuz area makes me wonder - when are you going to do vertical scrolling everywhere? Horizontal scrolling really does my head in!)

Hi @Tim_Woodward,

Thanks for the update here! Are things continuing to work well for you? Let us know if you see this issue return!

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All good here! :blush:

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