Roon resamples on Android but DAC is working

Audio Devices

Android 9 on Samsung A8 (2018)
IFI Hip-Dac connected to the smartphone via otg cable

Description of Issue

ROON App doesn’t recognize the presence of my external DAC (connected via USB C to the smartphone) and it resamples everything according to my smartphone’s specs.
Music still plays through my DAC without issues but is downsampled.
Is it possible to avoid this? I haven’t seen anything to flag or set anywhere.

I know the specs of my DAC and it already plays without issues using USB Audio Player Pro app (i can check that sample rates are correct via the LEDs on the front of the Hip Dac).
It would be much more useful if I could just indicate to Roon that my DAC is connected and what it supports.

Hi @Ilaria_Blue and welcome to the forum.

AFAIK, is it currently not possible for Roon to bypass the built-in Android mixer. See also:

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