Roon retrieves incorrect album cover art

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Nucleus plus

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USB connection to Cyrus HDOne amp

Description Of Issue

When adding albums to “My favourites” about ten percent of the album art covers are incorrect I.e. totally the wrong artist/band. I have tried to edit in the album art section, but but to no avail.

Post a screenshot of what you are seeing.


James Taylor image on an Emeli Sande album.

Hi @Tony_Buss,

Can you show a screenshot of the album page after you click on it so we can see some more details?

Have you made any edits to this album at all?

View of my Albums page;
View after clicking on the album;

Thanks, @Tony_Buss. This definitely helps to clarify things. So the album art is correct when you go to the album page, but it is showing differently on the Albums Browser.

What kind of remote are you using here? Does it happen on all remote devices?

Thanks for the prompt support Dylan. I’ve solved the problem! I uninstalled Roon from my pc and also Roon Remote from my android phone and iPad. On reinstalling all three everything is fine. I guess maybe a cache problem? Cheers, Tony.

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Possibly a cache issue, yes. There is an option in Settings > Library to clear your image cache which might help. If you do run into this again, though, please let me know first. It’s definitely not something that should be recurring and I’d like to take a closer look. I’m glad everything is working for you now, though!

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