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Having the same problem with the codecs! Really frustrating, I have followed the instructions to unzip the ffmpeg module.

Any suggestions?

Have you unzipped it twice? A zip is within the zip.

Yes! I unzipped the initial folder, then unzipped ffmpeg module. leaving me ffmpeg~ file to put into my Rock /data / codec folder👍🏼

Any help would be appreciated :+1:t3:

Where exactly are you stuck?

Can you see the Rock codecs folder OK?

What machine are you using to do the copying over?

Yes I can see the Rock /data/ codec folder. Using a Windows 10 computer👍🏼.

Looking at the Smb protocol. There might be a setup issue in the modem👍🏼.


My rock seems to running fine though.

So you are able to copy the single ffmpeg file (about 70k or so) to the codecs folder? And can see it’s there?

Can you post a screenshot of the web interface ?

No. You’ve copied the folder. Within that folder is the file ffmpeg. That’s all you want.

Remove that folder from the codecs directory and just copy the ffmpeg file over.

Thanks very much, I did what you suggested and copied that file and copied to codec folder. It worked! Thanks.

It’s great that there are so many people in the Roon community can help one another.

Much appreciated :+1:t3:


We love to help. Enjoy the music.


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