Roon Rock Crashing

Roon ROCK ROON OS 1.0 Build 227

I have Roon ROCK running on an Intel NUC and it suddenly keeps crashing after a few minutes.

Some screenshots from when this is happening are to be found here:

I tried re-installing the OS from the Web GUI and was successful but it is still crashing.

Please advise.

Thank you!


I reinstalled ROCK from a flash drive and it crashed again … I suspect hardware issues … sorry for troubling you.

I was able to confirm bad memory using memtest86 booted from a flash drive.

Hey @James_Stephens,

If anyone is sorry is us, for taking this long to reply :roll_eyes: , especially when the first thing we wanted to say is welcome to the Roon community :wave:

At this point, I can say a big thank you for continuing to look into this, finding a solution and sharing it with us :pray:

Is there anything at all we can help with now?

All good. I replaced the bad DIMM and then restored Roon from a recent backup … everything has been running perfectly since. Thanks for reaching out! Best, James

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Thanks, @James_Stephens, for taking a moment to let us know. What great news - keep enjoying the music + Roon :musical_note:

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